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City nurse felt like “outcast” after testing positive


Despite testing negative after a re-test, the health worker said she still felt traumatised.


A KIMBERLEY nurse has urged the community to be more understanding about patients who contract Covid-19, after she felt victimised when her own results came back positive.

She stated that after re-testing through a private laboratory two days later, her test results were negative.

The Florianville (Floors) Clinic was closed last week after a staff member tested positive for Covid-19. The staff downed tools and the facility was closed and decontaminated on Friday.

The nurse stated that she was tested as part of a routine check at work last week and her results were released on Wednesday last week.

“My manager informed me that I was positive even though I was not feeling sick. I was told to immediately go home and was not permitted to be re-tested. I felt so embarrassed, humiliated and ostracised and was extremely traumatised. However, I do not blame anyone because of the stigma attached to the virus. No one chooses to become infected. I have been working in the health care industry for the past 27 years as a nurse.”

She added that she consulted her family doctor and was re-tested through a private laboratory, where her test results were negative.

“I was not offered any sympathy and support. I do not feel ready to return to work because of the traumatic experience that I had to go through. I was extremely stressed even though I had no Covid-19 symptoms. I did not even have the will to switch on my kettle or television, I felt like an outcast of society.”

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