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City man accused of raping disabled teen


The victim demonstrated what had happened and it was then that we first heard that she had been raped.”

File picture: Pixabay

A MAN accused of raping a severely disabled teenager at her family home is due to make his formal bail application in the Galeshewe Magistrate’s Court next week.

The 27-year-old accused was arrested on Monday afternoon and will remain in custody until his next appearance after allegedly raping a 16-year-old relative, who was home alone, on Sunday afternoon.

The incident has left family and members of the public reeling with shock and demanding answers after community crime prevention groups had to trace and apprehend the accused nearly 24 hours after the alleged incident.

Yesterday, the victim’s mother explained that the teenager, who lives with her grandmother, was alone at her home in Vergenoeg when the alleged incident occurred.

“My daughter’s grandmother was with us while we were visiting relatives in Club 2000 on Sunday afternoon,” said the mother. “She (the victim) is physically disabled and can’t walk. She also has trouble speaking and communicating with people in general but we, as her family, understand what she is trying to say to us.

“When her grandmother got home, after the visit to Club 2000, she noticed that the teenager’s nappy had been removed. This was unusual so she asked my daughter what happened. She (the victim) demonstrated what had happened and it was then that we first heard that she had been raped.”

The mother explained that the accused was her cousin.

“We approached his mother to enquire about his whereabouts and to ask what happened while my daughter was home alone on Sunday.

“We called the police who came out to investigate. They told us not to bath her until we had taken her to be examined as this could wash away evidence.

“We did so and took her for tests which confirmed that she had been raped.

“The investigating officer said that he would return to take my statement but I haven’t seen him or heard anything since.”

Meanwhile, the spokesperson for the #RiseAbafaziMovement, Mpho Assegaai, said that the community-based organisation was contacted by a neighbour of the victim on Monday afternoon, who asked for assistance in tracking down the accused.

“We alerted Wanya Tsotsi immediately about the matter,” Assegaai said yesterday. “About an hour later we got confirmation that the suspect had been found and arrested.

“We’ve been to the family home where her grandmother is still disturbed and traumatised by what happened.

“We hope that justice prevails.”

The police failed to respond to media enquiries by the time of going to press yesterday.