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City faces water shutdown


City residents will have to brace themselves for another weekend without water due to a planned water shutdown from May 12 to 15.

The city will be without water from May 12 to 15 due to repair work that is set to take place on major leaks. Pictures: Soraya Crowie

CITY residents will have to brace themselves for another weekend without water due to a planned water shutdown from May 12 to 15.

According to Sol Plaatje Municipality, the draining of the system will decrease the swollen lake of contaminated water that is creating treacherous conditions for motorists along the R31.

It was indicated in council records that due to the current flooding of the Vaal River system, raw water turbidity was “very high” and muddy.

“This has led to excessive sludge accumulation in the clarifiers which poses a challenge on normal desludging of clarifiers. They will be drained and cleaned of excessive sludge and mud that has accumulated.”

It is expected that the water supply should be restored by Sunday evening on May 15.

Sol Plaatje Municipality spokesperson Thoko Riet said leaks along the bulk water pipelines from Riverton to Kimberley would be repaired next week.

“The 965 millimetre (mm) pipeline has caused excessive leaks mainly in the vicinity of Gogga pump station, which have an impact on the R31 road to Barkly West.

“There are also leaks behind 3SAI Battalion military camp and at the Lerato Park supply take-off.

“Similarly, there are severe leaks along the 600mm pipeline that are said to be contributing to the Kamfers Dam situation.

“These leaks require attention, as they are contributing to water losses and dropping levels at the reservoir.

“Heavy rains and the opening of sluice gates has contributed to an increase of surface stormwater.”

Riet added that a 450mm bulk water metre and a 450mm isolation valve would be installed in Phuthanang to enhance the security of the water supply in Kimberley and surrounding areas.

“The work will assist the water balance determination in the supply zone and will alleviate the water situation at Wildebeestkuil pan near Platfontein. It will also curb the secondary contamination of the drinking water in the city.”

Riet stated that urgent maintenance work would also be carried out in Riverton.

“Clarifiers will be cleaned to improve production efficiency and maintain acceptable water quality.”

She pointed out that the operation was crucial to addressing the current water situation in Kimberley.

“It is also necessary to ensure the security of supply while planning for infrastructure upgrading and replacement is under way.”

Riet indicated that there was no overflowing sewage from the Gogga pump station.

“There are, however, blockages on the outfall sewerage line that are currently being addressed.

“The operation of the R31 as well as diverting the flow of the water near Wildebeestkuil is being done by the Department of Roads and Public Works.”

Riet said that water would be distributed in various areas with the use of roaming water tankers.

“We urge residents to make the necessary arrangements and plan accordingly.”

Water distribution points will be made available at 200 informal settlements as well as the Newton Reservoir, up street of Reservoir Road in New Park, and the emergency services site at the civic centre.

Five dedicated water tanks will be dedicated for funerals, hostels and hospitals.

Scope of work

Two leaks behind 3 SAI Battalion military base

Three leaks on the 965mm pipeline near Gogga pump station

Three leaks on the 600mm pipeline at the Roodepan take-off

Riverton water treatment plant

Maintenance and repairs on four clarifiers

Replacement on four desludging valves

Repairs on jet pumps

Cleaning and draining of excessive mud and sludge

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