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City businessman guilty of fraud


A WELL-known Kimberley business owner and racing pigeon breeder was yesterday sentenced in the Kimberley Magistrate’s Court after pleading guilty to a charge of fraud.

Derick Streak, 64, owner of Diamond Pigeon Stud and Diamond Seeds and Pet Supplies in Kimberley, was yesterday sentenced to a fine of R2 000 or nine months imprisonment, after pleading guilty to a charge of fraud, following an incident last year where he forged a doctor’s prescription for antibiotics to the value of R2 194.50.

According to the charge sheet, the incident happened on November 24 last year in Kimberley, when Streak “unlawfully and with the intent to prejudice or potentially prejudice Dr Pieter Groenewald and or Immuno-Vet, gave out and pretended to Immuno Vet that a prescription for six litres of Quinabix Oral Solution (a schedule 4 medicine), with a value of R2 194.50 on a letterhead of Groenewald, was issued by Groenewald”.

However, Streak knew that the prescription was never issued, prescribed, signed or authorised by Groenewald.

During his plea explanation, Streak yesterday told the court that a lung disease had broken out among his racing pigeons and the only way to treat then was with antibiotics.


He explained that he was in the possession of a prescription (bearing Groenewald’s details) and used it to create a fabricated prescription.

The pharmaceutical company later contacted Groenewald, and he confirmed that he had not issued the prescription.

Streak was arrested on March 29 and yesterday pleaded guilty to fraud.

His legal representative, Hannes Rust, told the court that his 64-year-old client was a first offender and a business owner, where 12 people are employed, adding that Streak did not commit a violent crime and was not a ruthless criminal and that he had no intention to distribute or sell the antibiotics, before calling for a fine of R1 500.

The State, while accepting the guilty plea, saying that it showed remorse, added that Groenewald could have suffered negative consequences and even lost his licence as a result of Streak’s crime. State prosecutor, Thelma Maseko, suggested a fine of R6 000.

However, magistrate Lunga Mbetane proceeded to sentence Streak to a fine of R2 000 or nine months imprisonment.

When contacted yesterday, Groenewald chose not to comment on the sentencing.

Streak admitted to “making a mistake and now taking the punch”.