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‘Challenge’ provides food for the needy


EMS workers in Kimberley are challenging each other to donate funds for food parcels for needy families.

EMERGENCY medical services (EMS) workers in Kimberley are challenging each other to donate funds to provide food parcels to needy families during the national lockdown. 

Shaheed Snyders said he started the R100 challenge with his EMS colleagues this week and has called on local businesses and members of the public to join in. 

“We started handing out food parcels from Monday and it is going quite well so far. We managed to distribute food parcels in Kimberley and Ritchie as well as at the dumping site,” said Snyders on Tuesday.

“I advised my colleagues to jot down the addresses of the vulnerable and the impoverished while they are on their shifts. We then go back and hand out the parcels based on the needs of the family. There are a lot of people who are suffering at this time and we would like to make a difference where possible. I managed to hand out 10 loaves of bread when I was working in Ritchie.” 

Snyders said that the food parcels were distributed as and when he managed to collect enough donations.  

“We are hoping to continue assisting, even long after the lockdown has ended,” he added.

Snyders said that anyone who is willing to assist with any sort of monetary donation, foodstuffs or clothing could contact him directly on 072 1589 211.