Home News Cassandra residents aim to bring back sparkle to neighbourhood

Cassandra residents aim to bring back sparkle to neighbourhood


Community launches project to clean up neighbourhood after Sol “fails to deliver”.

Residents repair roads and fill potholes. Picture: Danie van der Lith

CASSANDRA residents are pulling out all the stops in a bid to return the sparkle to their neighbourhood, without the help of Sol Plaatje Municipality.

Two weeks ago, the residents established the Cassandra Community Project and set about cutting overgrown brush and grass, filling potholes with tar and cleaning up the area.

The administrator of the local neighbourhood watch group, Dawie Griesel, said that participating residents had agreed to contribute a monthly amount of R50 per household towards the project.

Griesel said that they are fed up with Sol Plaatje Municipality’s failure to play its role in keeping the city clean.

He said that they have a long list of reference numbers relating to complaints that residents have raised with the municipality.

“Kimberley is falling apart. Cassandra is the worst and continues to get the least attention from the municipality,” said Griesel.

“We want to feel comfortable enough to drive to town and back without damaging our cars on these potholes.

“We always mention that copper cable thieves hide in this overgrown grass, but the municipality does not take any notice.

“I feel really lucky to have such a community that is willing to start making a difference,” Griesel concluded.