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Carcasses dumped on city street


“Many people make a habit of treating this street like a dumping site. We always see dead animals dumped on this corner,”

DUMPED: Dead animals were dumped outside these flats in Beaconsfield. Picture: Soraya Crowie

RESIDENTS of Jonker Court, on the corner of Brunton and Broadway streets in Beaconsfield, said that they are tired of their area being treated as a dumping site after waking up to the stench of animal carcasses.

The residents said that they had initially discovered five carcasses of wild animals dumped in the street but that two of the carcasses had been taken by some other residents.

Three rotten carcasses of wild animals, which had all been neatly slaughtered, lay amongst the refuse on Friday which was spread out on the corner of the two streets.

“There were four smaller animals and a big one. The smaller carcasses were stuffed inside the big one,” the residents said.

“Some people came and said that meat cannot be wasted and took two of the carcasses.We tried to stop them and warned them that the meat was not safe to eat, but that did not bother them.”

The residents said that they did not know who had dumped the carcasses.

“Some people are saying that there was a bakkie carrying a deep freezer that came and dumped the carcasses on Thursday, late in the afternoon. We woke up to the nauseating stench on Friday morning.

“It is unacceptable that many people from other parts of the city come and dump their refuse here. There is a municipal dumpster on the corner, however, people do not make use of it and rather litter on the street.

“Many people make a habit of treating this street like a dumping site. We always see dead animals dumped on this corner,” they said.

Sol Plaatje Municipality spokesperson, Sello Matsie, said that the dumping of dead animals was an ongoing problem that the municipality is faced with.

He also pointed out that the dumping of animal carcasses poses a health risk to communities.

“We condemn actions where dead animals are left to rot on streets. We know it is hunting season but do urge everyone to safely dispose of unwanted meat. Rotten meat is hazardous to the health of communities,” said Matsie.

“Some communities are also faced with social challenges and may resort to eating such meat. Such actions can be fatal as the meat and condition thereof is unknown. People must rather stay away from dead and rotten animals.

“We urge residents who may want to dispose of unwanted meat to do so safely or to contact the municipality, which will, along with other stakeholders, fetch as well as dispose of the meat,” added Matsie.