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Car smashes into business

HIT AND RUN: Two occupants of this vehicle fled the scene after an accident on the weekend.

SPECTACULAR CCTV footage of a motor vehicle accident in Schmidtsdrift Road on Friday evening, is yet to lead to any arrests after the two occupants of a VW Golf that crashed into the front of a local business and fled the scene, seemingly unscathed.

The owner of Pristine Car Wash in Schmidtsdrift Road, Willem Vale, estimated the cost of the damage to his business to be in the tens of thousands of rand, adding that he was not sure what was going to happen to the driver, who fled the scene of the accident with what appeared to be minimal, if any, injuries.

“The motorist was coming from the direction of the prison, towards town,” Vale said yesterday afternoon. “As he approached the traffic light at the Riviera Spar, he swerved to avoid colliding with two cars that were at the intersection.

“In the process, he lost control of the car, tried to over-correct and smashed through our fence, damaging a car that was parked on our property as well as a pole that supports the roof.

“We haven’t been able to establish the exact cost of the damage but it could be anywhere between R25 000 and R50 000.”

CCTV footage from 9.47pm on Friday evening, taken of the street in front of the business, shows the Golf sliding, uncontrollably, as it approaches the car wash.

A second camera angle, from inside the business premises, further shows the vehicle careen through the front fence at high speed and colliding with the parked vehicle, before coming to a stop.

Moments later, a person can been seen struggling to open the door of the badly damaged vehicle before running away, followed closely by a passenger who fled in the opposite direction.

Police spokesperson, Captain Sergio Kock, yesterday confirmed the incident but added that no arrests had been made yet.

“No injuries or fatalities were reported and no arrests have been made after the driver fled the scene.

“Anybody with any information that could assist in the investigation, or could lead to the arrest of the suspect, is kindly asked to contact the Kimberley Detectives Unit on 082 495 4646.”