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Calm restored in Pampierstad following protest


Residents were protesting over foreigners who were selling drugs to youths as well as escalating crime.

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REPAIRS to damaged electricity lines resumed in Pampierstad following protest action that prevented technicians from entering the area.

Spokesperson for the Department of Education Geoffrey van der Merwe added that schooling had also resumed “as normal” on Friday although they would continue to closely monitor the situation.

Community members staged a shutdown since Wednesday where only essential services personnel were permitted to enter the town.

Residents were protesting over foreigners who were selling drugs to youths as well as escalating crime.

Captain Olebogeng Tawana said three taxis were damaged and one suspect was taken in for questioning on March 2 after taxi drivers blockaded Piet Strydom road.

“They demanded the arrest of perpetrators who allegedly damaged the three taxis. Community members of Pampierstad also gathered in front of the police station in solidarity with the taxi drivers.”

He indicated that the road was cleared following a meeting that was held between the police and taxi drivers to amicably resolve their concerns.

Tawana stated that stun grenades had to be fired to disperse and control the crowd during a protest action that started at about 6am on March 3 where Piet Strydom road was blockaded with burning tyres and stones.

“No injuries and damaged properties were reported.”

He added that the district commander of Frances Baard Major General Johan Bean received a memorandum from Pampierstad community members on March 3.

“Some of the contents of the there are demands of the removal of foreign nationals, more particularly the Nigerians for their contribution in drug dealing activities.We are continuing to monitor the situation.”

Eskom spokesperson Patricia Tsepane stated that work to restore the power supply in Pampierstad following recent rain and stormy weather could begin on Friday after protest action subsided.

“Eskom urges customers to be patient while supply is being restored. Electricity can be switched on without notice. Customers are therefore reminded to treat all electrical sockets and appliances as live and dangerous.”

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