Home News Call for govt to intervene after teen suicides rock NC town

Call for govt to intervene after teen suicides rock NC town


“A growing sense of hopelessness has engulfed the Nababeep community”

THE NABABEEP police have opened inquest dockets following the death of two teenage girls in Nababeep.

Northern Cape police spokesperson Captain Olebogeng Tawana said the bodies of the two girls, aged 17 and 19, were found on November 2 and November 3 this year.

“The body of a 19-year-old was discovered on Monday, November 2, 2020 in a bedroom at her parent’s residence. The 17-year-old girl’s body was found hanging from a tree on Tuesday, November 3, 2020. At this stage no foul play is suspected. The investigation continues,” said Tawana.

The DA in the Northern Cape has since called on the government to intervene in the social challenges being experienced by the Nababeep community.

A DA councillor at Nama Khoi Municipality, Steve Ruiter, said the town is experiencing high levels of unemployment, alcohol abuse, drug abuse, teenage pregnancies and suicides.

“In recent weeks, the town laid to rest two teenage girls, aged 17 and 19, who sadly committed suicide due to the growing sense of hopelessness that has engulfed the Nababeep community. To add to the town’s misery, a five-year old minor girl also became the victim of rape this past weekend.

“The DA is appealing to the MEC for Health, Maruping Lekwene, to ensure access to mental health programmes that can provide psychological and medical support to victims of abuse and those suffering from depression.

“We are also calling on the MEC for Social Development, Nontobeko Vilakazi, to step in to ensure that teenagers who experience drug and alcohol addiction are assisted with rehabilitation services.

“In addition, the MEC for Education, Zolile Monakali, needs to urgently provide teachers and learners with programmes in schools that can identify learners going through hard times, and ensure that they get the necessary help to be able to rise above their circumstances. This is even more important now that matric examinations have commenced.”

Ruiter added that metal health care for community members in dire social distress should be prioritised as many rural areas do not have access to counselling services.

“Given the increased burden on people, young and old, which has been exacerbated by growing poverty levels and the Covid-19 pandemic, it is of utmost importance that mental health care becomes a government priority, especially for people living in rural areas who do not readily have access to counselling services. This is necessary to stop communities like Nababeep from suffering further trauma and loss of life.”