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‘Business-in-a-box’ launched in city


The concept of a business-in-a-box has taken off across the country, with over 200 SMME dealers having already launched

FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: Jowell Tobias (SED Business Solution Director), Tumi Mojafi (Sumitomo Dunlop Associate Manager of Enterprise Development), Ditebogo Leboko (owner of Leboko Tyres), Modise Letselebe (National Youth Development Agency), Xavier Assegaai (Droogfontein Solar Power) and Mosimanegape Macomo (National Youth Development Agency). Picture: Supplied

THE FIRST business-in-a-box containerised tyre dealership in the Northern Cape was launched in Kimberley recently.

Community members, funders and stakeholders gathered to commemorate the launch of Leboko Tyres, a local SMME in Barkly Road in Kimberley.

The concept of a business-in-a-box has taken off across the country, with over 200 SMME dealers having already launched.

This enterprise is locally owned by Ditebogo Daniel Leboko, who previously traded as a second-hand tyre operator, but struggled to flourish in this market due to the low mark-ups.

He spotted an opportunity when the Dunlop ‘Business in a Container’ launched and looked to a local solar farm, Droogfontein Solar Power, for funding.

“Local small businesses are vital contributors to the health of the Northern Cape’s economy and to the diversity of opportunity in our society. It is these businesses that boost productivity, increase competition and innovation, create employment and revitalises our communities,” explained Zuki Ndlela, economic development officer of Droogfontein Solar Power.

Droogfontein Solar Power is funding the entire container and retail shop, which includes the first stock of new tyres. The solar plant has committed its support for a three-year period, in line with its enterprise development approach to help building sustainable SMMEs.

Leboko will also receive business mentoring and a chance to grow.

The solar plant believes that economic development programmes can help to steer local economies towards a more stable environment, nurture growth and create more jobs within these communities, which is a sure way to help empower other individuals and the surrounding communities.

“The role of small enterprises is seen as the country’s greatest potential to growth, as recently stated by national government,” added Ndlela.