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Bursary programme is powering dreams


A bursary programme is demonstrating that access to education funding is more than just about tertiary qualifications; it brings communities together and supports aspirations.

Aubrene Tities. Picture: Supplied

BURSARY programmes are making a positive impact in the Northern Cape town of Kenhardt, helping students chase their dreams.

The beneficiary of one such programme, Aubrene Joelin Tities, 28, is on track to qualify as an installation electrician from the CS Electrical Training Centre in Bloemfontein.

This is thanks to Aries Solar Power’s local community bursary fund, which is currently supporting him.

The bursary programme is making an impact in the community by supporting nine local students in Kenhardt to chase their dreams.

The programme has been lauded as a true demonstration that access to education funding is more than just about tertiary qualifications, but also brings communities together and supports aspirations.

Through these bursaries, the students realise that their dreams and educational goals truly matter.

Aries Solar Power continues to stick to its commitment to making a positive impact through education, as seen in the many young individuals who have benefited from formal tertiary education.

This contributes to the well-being of these individuals, their families and the broader community in Kenhardt.

Tities expressed that getting the required qualifications is a dream come true for him.

“I have always wanted to be an electrician since I was 18. After working as an assistant in Prieska for five years, a colleague of mine encouraged me to formalise my skills and get the necessary qualifications,” said Tities.

Following in the footsteps of previous successful beneficiaries, Tities plans to contribute his skills to the local area. He’s showcasing how bursary programmes play a crucial role in developing human capital and creating a skilled and educated workforce essential for the growth and sustainability of communities.

“It would be a dream to work at the solar plant, gain more experience and give back to Aries Solar Power. Most importantly, I’ve been able to show my community that there are programmes available to support less privileged communities like ours in Kenhardt,” said Tities.

“It means everything to me to be a beacon of hope for those facing hardship, letting them know there are programmes dedicated to developing and educating the community.”

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