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Burning rubber thrills crowds


The crowd loved every grunt of the engine, cheered every spin and enjoyed the setting well into the night

Picture: Danie van der Lith

YOU MAY be forgiven if you thought that another service delivery protest took place over the weekend near the zama zamas on the Boshof Road. The thick cloud of smoke and the smell of burning tyres was a sure sign that this could have been the case.

But this was Easter weekend, a time when little children chase chocolate bunnies, people eat some tasty fish and others, well, like to do things a little different.

The annual drag racing took place on the R64 Boshof Road while drifting and spinning events were hosted by MonsterMob Raceway.

It was business as usual at the drag racing event. Motorbikes, cars and turbo’s “made music” while spectators watched the drivers burn rubber.

Shaun Barnes once again ran the fastest time this year, with is V8 Ford Escort running a 10.22 seconds on a road with zero grip, which is an achievement on its own.

Just down the road, teams of 10 spinners from various provinces and their management took part in the Ultimate Battle of the Provinces at the MonsterMob Raceway.

So how does it work?

Two spinners battled simultaneously on the track, doing four obstacles to gain points for their team within a ninety-second time frame.

All the provincial teams faced off to try and bag maximum points to decide the overall winner.

With engine’s roaring and tyres smoking, the crowd got more than what it expected. Drivers showed skill and the will to win, but the bragging rights were worth more than any trophy.

This year the Gauteng Provincial Spinning Team took first place with KwaZulu-Natal taking second place and the reigning champs, Eastern Cape, finishing third.

As always it is an impressive sight to see how a car can be swung from side to side without the driver losing control; and this year it was a special event as crowds could see the spinning and drifting on a real drift track that was supplied by Otto Graven from MonsterMob Raceway.

The spinning continued into the night and the smoke billowed from the abused engines and tyres while the noise could be heard kilometres away.

The crowd loved every grunt of the engine, cheered every spin and enjoyed the setting well into the night.

If Easter 2018 was such a success and this well organised, one can only wait to see what next year will hold.