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BREAKING NEWS – Water cuts extended


The afternoon and nightly water interruptions are extended to improve the water levels at Newton Reservoirs.

THE Sol Plaatje Municipality has announced that the Water Recovery Programme will continue from Monday, December 18 until further notice. The afternoon and nightly water interruptions are extended to improve the water levels at Newton Reservoirs.

The water interruption will now take place between:

– Afternoon interruption: 12h00 to 17h00

– Nightly interruption: 21h00 to 05h00

Although there is water in the reservoirs, 40% of the water cannot be pumped out for supply due to the suction head of the pump.

The Riverton Water Treatment plant can treat 162 megalitres per day but due to inadequate maintenance of the mechanical and electrical components over several years the plant is operating at 62% treating at least 100 megalitres per day.

On an average the plant produces 95 Megalitre per day.

The current water demand for Kimberley is at 88.82 megalitre per day in winter and 102.5 megalitre per day in summer considering the technical water loss which average between 30% to 40%, the municipality said in a statement..

“With the Water Treatment Plant producing at least 95 Megalitre a day it means that the water produced is insufficient to meet the current peak summer demand of 102.5 megalitre.

“Consequently, the municipality can not meet the current demand and hence the water interruption so as to improve the water levels at the reservoirs.

With regards to the bulk pipeline from Riverton to the Newton Reservoir, the municipality pointed out the following issues of cencern.

There pipeline comprises of a 900mm and a 600mm diameter pipe that have offtakes which supplies water to the townships before the storage at Newton Reservoir and, as a result there is no enough water stored in the reservoirs.

There are more than 17 water leaks on both the 900mm and 600mm diameter pipeline which amount to over 30% water loss.

“There is a major leak identified at the midlands on a valve gasket. This leak can not be fixed whiles the pipeline is in operation.“

The municipality appealed to residents to stop watering their gardens and reserve water for consumption and other critical uses only. The community is encouraged to adopt water-conserving habits during periods.

“Residents experiencing water interruptions outside of the above stipulated times are encouraged to lodge queries with our Call Centre on 053 8306 111.”

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