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Boyfriend dies in pool of blood


‘A love triangle with a fatal ending.’

Moses Lentswe

A 24-YEAR-old man from Phelindaba in the Northern Cape has been stabbed to death, allegedly by his ex-girlfriend who found him at home with another woman.

Moses Lentswe died in a pool of blood at his home in the remote township of Phelindaba, situated between Barkly West and Riverton, after being stabbed twice, allegedly by his ex-girlfriend, on Tuesday evening.

Lentswe’s current girlfriend, Wilhelmina Seepamere, yesterday told the DFA that she and Lentswe were together at home on Tuesday evening when Lentswe apparently received four messages from his ex-girlfriend, between 9.15pm and 9.41pm.

“I am going to give you to your mother and shove you back into her vagina. You rubbish, did you tell that bitch (Seepamere) who I am? I will get my payback now,” the translated messages read.

Seepamere said that a while later, at about 10.30pm, the ex-girlfriend arrived at Lentswe’s shack and kicked open the door.

“She kicked open the door and came in. Moses asked her what she wanted but she didn’t reply. She then took some water and threw it towards him. He grabbed her and she then stabbed him with what looked like a bread knife.

“She stabbed him twice, once in the groin and once in his upper leg, with the knife that had a blade of about 20 centimetres long,” Seepamere said.

She added that Lentswe fell to the ground outside the shack and started bleeding profusely. He managed to crawl to the door of the main house.

“I was screaming for help and neighbours came to assist. However, Moses was stabbed in a main artery and was bleeding heavily. We called the ambulance, but they only arrived after 11pm . . . by then he was already dead,” she said.

The ex-girlfriend’s mother, who also spoke to the DFA yesterday, said that she and her daughter were together earlier that the evening, where they chatted and watched some TV with her grandchildren at the home they share.

“I told my daughter that I was going to bed, at around 9pm, and she said she was going to do the same. She seemed calm and it did not appear like anything was bothering her. She was busy on her phone when I went to bed,” the mother said.

She added that she was woken up at around 10.30pm by someone who told her that her daughter had killed Moses.

“I immediately ran to the house where he was staying and found my daughter covered in blood and holding a knife covered in blood in her hand. I checked Lentswe’s pulse but realised that he was already dead.”

She added that her daughter had “a massive grudge” against Seepamere and often fought with Lentswe about “the girl from Taung”.

“They had three children together but problems started when Lentswe started seeing Seepamere during February 2017. They finally broke up in April this year,” the mother said.

Neighbours and community members were left shocked following the incident, which was described as a “love triangle with a fatal ending”, and expressed concern about the excessive number of deaths by stabbing that had recently occurred in Phelindaba.

Police spokesperson, Captain Sergio Kock, yesterday confirmed that police in Barkly West were investigating a murder “after a 26-year-old female allegedly stabbed a 24-year-old man to death”.

“It is alleged that on Tuesday, November 20 2018, at about 10.30pm, the woman entered the ex-boyfriend’s shanty in Phelindaba, Barkly West, where she found the man with his new girlfriend.

“The victim opened the door and the female allegedly stabbed him in his upper leg with a knife. The man tried to seek help but collapsed just outside his shanty and succumbed to his injuries.

“The police arrested the woman several minutes later at her house, not far from the scene,” Kock said.