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Boy allegedly whipped with belt


The father explained that his son felt as if he was being subjected to double punishment after he was taken away from his home

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A YOUNG boy has been removed from his home and taken to a place of safety following complaints of verbal and physical abuse at the hands of his mother, who has allegedly been whipping him with a belt.

Police spokesperson, Captain Bashoabile Kale, said that the Galeshewe Family Violence, Child Protection and Sexual Offences (FCS) unit were investigating a case of common assault against the 11-year-old minor’s biological mother.

“The victim sustained no visible injuries. The case was opened by the father. The victim was referred to social workers by FCS,” said Kale.

He added that the removal and placement of children and the duration of stay at a place of safety was determined by social workers handling the case.

The boy’s father, who is estranged from his wife, indicated that he had called in the assistance of Childline Northern Cape when his son called for help on Tuesday at about 7pm.

“I could hear in the background that his mother was screaming at him and he indicated that she was beating him. The social workers took my son to make a statement at the police station and he was consequently taken to a place of safety on Wednesday. I went to see him today (yesterday) and he was very traumatised,” said the father.

He added that he had noticed bruises on the side of his son’s body.

“There are no clear reasons for the beatings, other than in one instance when there was something wrong with his homework or when she was angry. It appears that incidents of both verbal and physical abuse began last year.”

The father explained that his son felt as if he was being subjected to double punishment after he was taken away from his home.

“He said that he would attend school yesterday but was in a state. I felt so powerless and unable to ease his pain. I am more than willing to take him in, although there are economic and other factors to consider. His mother is a senior official at the Department of Transport, Safety and Liaison while the tuck shop that I was running has since closed down.”

He stated that the he would allow the law to run its course.

“The mother has not been arrested as the police indicated that they are investigating a case of common assault and not common assault with intent to do grievous bodily harm.

“My son is a growing boy, who is young and impressionable, while his mother is a leader in the community and should know better.”

Childline Northern Cape stated that their social workers had met with the father yesterday.

“We need to investigate the home circumstances of both parents in order to make recommendations that will be in the best interests of the child. In the event that a child continues to be exposed to any emotional, physical or verbal abuse, the child can be placed with any other suitable caregiver, if necessary.”