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‘Be patient with officers with no driving licences’


While there were no funds for a satellite police station, he would provide a mobile police station for the community.

File photo: Tiro Ramatlhatse

THE PROVINCIAL Commissioner, Lieutenant-General Risimati Shivuri, yesterday requested Windsorton residents to be patient with the police officers who were recruited without having driving licences.

During a community meeting yesterday, Shivuri explained that he had personally travelled to Pretoria to motivate this concession for 333 warrant officers.

“We wanted to recruit officers from within the community, although they do not possess driving licences. The community must understand that they will not be able to get behind a steering wheel. They will not be able to drive to a scene. Alternatively, they will have to be accompanied by someone,” said Shivuri.

He stated that they would be given practical driving lessons after they had finished their college training.

He also requested the Windsorton community to give the station commander another chance and advised them to mend relations.

“The station commander and the councillor must work together.”

Shivuri indicated that he had appointed the station commander upon the request of the community that a local resident be placed in the position.

“I understand now that he is disappointing the community. I will bring in a pastor or traditional healer, so that he can change his ways,” he joked.

He instructed the station commander to hold monthly meetings with the community.

“This is the only way to improve relations and by law he is supposed to hold regular meetings to interact with the community and update them. Our police officers must not fight or be drunk in the job, because they are expected to adhere to a code of conduct and to show respect to the community.”

Shivuri promised that he would reopen dormant cases that had not been properly investigated. “No case will fall flat, they can be reopened at any time.

“There are drug dealers who are infiltrating the community from the Western Cape and Africa, who are taking advantage of the locals by making them dependent on drugs. We will elevate the matter to the cluster and provincial level to prevent information regarding raids from leaking out.”

He explained that while there were no funds for a satellite police station, he would provide a mobile police station for the community.

“The Windsorton police station is far away from the community. We will train volunteers from the community who will work closely with the station commander. We are aware of the incident involving the teacher.”

The MEC for Transport, Safety and Liaison, Lebogang Motlhaping, pointed out that the war against crime could only be won if the community and police respected and co-operated with each other.

He indicated that personnel were allocated to provinces based on the size of the population.

Motlhaping noted that while police were not permitted to use state resources for personal use, it was possible that they were transporting informants or complainants who had reported crimes.