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Bail denied for theft accused


“How can I grant you bail when you do not even know who you are?”

Bail for Andisile Disele, Nokophiwa Maranyane, Priscilla Scheepers, Buyisie Cele and Sibusiso Nyokana was denied in the Kimberley Magistrates Court yesterday because they lied about their names and addresses. Pictures: Supplied

“How can I grant you bail when you do not even know who you are?”

This was the question asked by Magistrate Memory Qomoyi to five suspects who are facing charges of theft for allegedly stealing goods valued at more than R70 000 from two stores in Kimberley.

The five, Andisile Disele, Nokophiwa Maranyane, Priscilla Scheepers, Buyisie Cele and Sibusiso Nyokana, are accused of stealing goods from DisChem and Checkers at the Diamond Pavilion Mall on February 2, 2019.

They appeared in the Kimberley Magistrate’s Court yesterday for the outcome on their bail application.

Qomoyi said all five accused were untruthful in their affidavits and it would be grossly irresponsible for the court to grant them bail.

“The accused brought affidavits before court in which they had the duty to state their previous convictions, including pending cases against them. Accused one, however, indicated in her affidavit that she only has two previous convictions, while she actually has three.

“In those previous matters she used another name but in this case she has given her name as Disele.

“Accused two, the same as accused one, also used a different name in her previous convictions. She has two previous convictions but the names differ.

“Accused three sometimes added a middle name to her identity. She gave false information about her personal details to the police at the time of her arrest and has a long list of addresses.

“Accused four stated that she was suffering from a chronic illness but could not produce any evidence to support that statement.

“Accused five also used two different identities. All the accused want to be released on bail yet they do not know who they are. We are not even certain if the names they are currently using are their real names. How do I grant bail to someone I do not know,” Qomoyi asked.

She said the previous convictions and untruthfulness of the accused proved that they would evade trial.

“There is a warrant of arrest out in Welkom for accused two. The address she gave to authorities in Welkom does not exist. Accused three also gave false addresses to the police. Accused four has a long list of previous convictions but could only remember one. She could not even remember a matter where she was sentenced to three years imprisonment in Cape Town.

“She also said that she has no pending cases against her, but in fact there are three pending matters.

“Accused five also has a warrant of arrest out against him. He has links from outside the country and it appears as if he is not a South African citizen. He also stated that he is a taxi driver but could not tell the court who the owner of the taxi is.

“He has a previous conviction for theft but only disclosed a drunken driving case, although he could not state in what year that incident occured.

“It would be challenging for authorities to track down the acshould they be released. It will cost the State a lot of money and resources to get you to stand trial,” she said.

Qomoyi added that the investigation also proved that the accused were positively linked to the crime.

“The testimony of the investigating officer, Detective Bongani Landu was unchallenged. What makes the charges against accused five more aggravating is that he offered Landu a bribe of R100 000 to make the case disappear. Landu declined the offer.

“All the accused lied about their previous and pending cases. The court is of the opinion that it is not in the interest of justice to release the suspects on bail. They will remain in custody until the finalisation of their trial,” Qomoyi said.