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Artisanal miners test sieving machine


“The machine does not need water and is environmentally friendly”

FAST WORK: Artisanal miners in Greenpoint yesterday showed off a new automated hopper and shaker that will increase production drastically. The owner of the machine, Albert Bezuidenhout, demonstrated to the media how the system works. Picture: Danie van der Lith

ARTISANAL miners in Greenpoint are evaluating a sand sieving machine that has been brought into the area to speed up the mining process.

The sieving machine is able to sift around one ton of gravel per hour.

Albert Bezuidenhout, who brought the machine to the mining site this week for a test run, said that the miners would be able to make use of the sieving machine free of charge.

“I will also supply the diesel and if the miners find a diamond, in exchange I will request 10 percent of the proceeds of the sale of the stone. If the Artisanal miners agree, I will make the machine available two to three times a week for them to use,” said Bezuidenhout.

He believed the machine would make the miners’ work at least 80 percent easier and faster.

“The machine does not need water and is environmentally friendly,” he added.

The chairperson of the Greenpoint Artisanal Miners Association, Sotho Hlanane, said the sieving machine would be introduced to the 700 miners who were working in the area.

“It will be an adjustment to use the machine as the miners are used to making use of picks and shovels,” said Hlanane.

The miners indicated that they had found some diamonds in the area, although a big find was scarce they said.