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Armed robbers hit city supermarket


“We believe that this robbery was planned and that the dog was poisoned.”

HEROES: Two local beggars threw stones at the robbers when they left the supermarket with the stolen goods on Wednesday evening. Picture: Soraya Crowie

THE POLICE are searching for three armed men after they tied up the owners of Saad City Style Supermarket in Barkly Road in Homestead and stole cash and a cellphone on Wednesday night.

The incident took place shortly before closing time at 8pm as shoppers were about to purchase their last-minute groceries.

The owners of the business said that the suspects, who were all armed, locked the doors and tied them up, along with their security guard, with cable ties before emptying the tills.

Self-appointed security guards who accept money and food from clients outside the store said that the suspects wore overalls with reflectors and used a black bag to carry their loot.

“Two of us threw stones at them and that is when they fired a shot. Their faces were covered and they wore gloves.

“They did not speak to us before they fired. They fled on foot and we suspect that they had a getaway car parked in one of the alleys.”

Eyewitnesses added that the business owners’ dog had recently died.

“We believe that this robbery was planned and that the dog was poisoned.”

Shoppers who were on the scene sensed that something was wrong when they tried to enter the store only to find that the doors were closed.

“The owners usually open up for us and there was a man inside who motioned to us that the store was closed.

“We saw the security guard’s bicycle outside and were convinced that he had been dragged inside,” said one shopper.

“One of the suspects pointed a gun at me when we went around to peer into the window and saw people inside. I screamed and started running when they opened fire and my brother was injured and bleeding.”

She added that her 16-year-old daughter was almost hit by the stray bullet as she was climbing out of the car.

“We are all extremely traumatised and shocked over what happened.”

Her 19-year-old son managed to close the car door to prevent his sister getting injured.

Police spokesperson, Captain Bashobile Kale, said that the police were investigating a case of business robbery.

“We are searching for the suspects.”

He confirmed that an undisclosed amount of cash and a cellphone were taken from the premises.