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Another municipality faces power cuts


“Since then, no progress has been made, leaving Eskom no other option than to continue with the implementation of these measures”

ANOTHER Northern Cape municipality faces electricity cuts by Eskom.

The Khâi-Ma Local Municipality was issued with a directive from Eskom this week stating that it would be cutting the electricity supply in Pofadder from next week.

The reason for this, Eskom said in a statement, was due to the breach of payment conditions concluded with the power utility.

According to the statement, a 14 days’ notice of Eskom’s intention to discontinue supply to Khâi-Ma Local Municipality on February 11 was issued to the municipality on January 28.

“Since then, no progress has been made, leaving Eskom no other option than to continue with the implementation of these measures,” the statement said.

The statement further said that Eskom recognises that the indefinite disconnection of electricity supply “may cause undue hardship to consumers and members of the community, and may adversely affect the delivery of other services”.

“In view of this, Eskom will implement a regulated interruption of electricity supply as opposed to an outright disconnection.

“The regulated interruption will allow members of the community and consumers the opportunity to make alternative arrangements for the scheduled periods of interruption.”

The temporary scheduled disconnection will take place from Monday, February 11 until the breach is remedied and electricity supply will be cut from 6am to 8pm Monday to Friday.

Eskom also indicated that besides the proposed times of interruption, it may also, upon seven calendar days’ notice, terminate electricity supply services entirely and indefinitely should the municipality’s debt situation not improve.

Repeated attempts to contact the Khâi-Ma Municipality for comment were unsuccessful.

Meanwhile, the Sol Plaatje Municipality is keeping up with its payment arrangements with Eskom.

Municipal spokesperson Sello Matisie said yesterday that it had not defaulted on the agreed payment with Eskom. “The arrangement we made with Eskom has been kept.”

The Sol Plaatje Municipality said late last year that the local authority had not paid Eskom in July and August 2019, resulting in a total outstanding account of

R153 million (excluding interest).

At the time, Matsie said the latest payment arrangement on this outstanding debt was currently R14.1 million per month “and up and till December 31, 2019 we have not defaulted on it”.

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