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ANC’s JTG conference takes place after ’sabotage’ attempts


The ANC regional conference in the John Taolo Gaetsewe (JTG) region took place on April 1 after it was postponed from March 25-27 following threats of legal action.

ANC provincial secretary Deshi Ngxanga and ANC provincial chairperson Dr Zamani Saul at the JTG regional conference. Picture: Facebook

THE ANC regional conference in the John Taolo Gaetsewe (JTG) region took place on April 1 after it was postponed on March 25-27 following threats of legal action.

Members from the Ditshetelo Photlhe branch called for the JTG region to be dissolved and pointed out that the deadline to hold the conference had expired.

Members indicated that they would still be going to court where they would seek to challenge the outcome of conference.

“They neglected to deliberate on our advice and proceeded to go their own illegal route. The newly elected regional leadership must be declared null and void. However, we will not approach the court on an urgent basis.”

During the conference on Friday, ANC provincial chairperson Dr Zamani Saul said attempts were made to “sabotage” the first conference that was postponed.

“Many people did not want this conference to take place and wanted to stop it from taking place. Members were lobbying and working for volunteers and forums for the elections,” said Saul.

“The ANC provincial executive committee (PEC) agreed that this conference must take place before the end of March, where the deadline was missed by one day.

“Against all odds, the 8th regional conference of John Taolo Gaetsewe sat on April 1.”

Saul called for branches to unite and renew the movement, amid threats of “counter-revolutionary infestations”.

“The conference took place under very difficult conditions. We all know its Covid-19 on the one hand and on the other hand its sharp divisions in our organisations.”

Saul stated that the regional leadership should bring hope to residents of the JTG region and consolidate the organisation ahead of the 2024 national general elections.”

He pointed out that support was waning while voters were abstaining from voting for the ANC due to corruption, poor service delivery, divisions, squabbling and political arrogance where a blind eye is being turned to things that are wrong.

“We need to apologise to the people of South Africa for having being self-serving, runaway rent seeking, for the divisions and political arrogance. We need to tell them that we are turning a corner.”

He added that the PEC dissolved the JTG region last year because of ill-discipline by some regional executive committee (REC) members.

“Their behaviour undermined our programme to build our structures and achieve unity in the region. After the PEC dissolved the region there was an avalanche of personal attacks on us as individual leaders.

“We got abused and our names vulgarised but we kept the course and never got distracted.”

Saul believed that the step-aside principle was fundamental to the renewal of the party.

“We are self-correcting and that strikes fear in the hearts of many people who are likely to land in prison.

“An attack on step-aside is a direct attack on renewal. And an attack on renewal is a direct attack on radical socio-economic transformation, because a corrupt and unethical ANC cannot midwife and bring about radical socio-economic transformation. So, without renewal, radical socio-economic transformation is a stillborn.”

ANC JTG regoinal leadership

Chairperson – Neo George Masegela

Deputy Chairperson – Edwin Hantise

Secretary – Eugene Boitshepo Khokhong

Deputy Secretary- Ephraim Aiseng

Treasurer – Keamogetse Madikiza

The newly elected ANC regional leadership in the John Taolo Gaetsewe District. Picture: Facebook

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