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ANC to probe alleged abuse


The ANC views the abuse, harassment and victimisation of women in a serious light and we intend taking action.

NATIONAL Assembly member Dikgang Stock has come under attack for his utterances that were made against the school governing body (SGB) chairperson of the Warrenton Primary School during a soccer tournament that was held on the school grounds last week.

ANC provincial secretary Deshi Ngxanga on Tuesday said the matter would be investigated.

“The ANC views the abuse, harassment and victimisation of women in a serious light and we intend taking action. We will also offer Stock an opportunity to explain his side of the story.

He pointed out that he had received a complaint of misconduct regarding the insults that were hurled against Setshego Katz, contained in a video that went viral on social media, where her marital status and private parts came under attack.

“The conduct of ANC leaders and ANC public representatives should always be beyond reproach.”

The South African Football Association (SAFA) in the Frances Baard district in a statement condemned the incident and stated that it felt “embarrassed and saddened”.

SAFA president Gladwyn White pointed out that they enjoyed a healthy working relationship with the school to utilise its facilities in the absence of public facilities in the Magareng district.

He believed that the school governing body chairperson was subjected to verbal and emotional abuse by an ANC member and member of parliament.

“Katz is a dynamic woman who intended to discharge her responsibilities as a steadfast SGB chairperson of the school. The male aggressor affronted her with much haughtiness. He is making use of football tournaments to reinvigorate his political occupation. Neither the Football SAFA Frances Baard nor the Magareng Local Football Association sanctioned the football tournament that was held in Warrenton over the past weekend.”

He pointed out that violence against women and girls was largely unreported due to “stigma and shame” and a lack of support.

“Due to a lack of confidence in authorities, many perpetrators remain free and unpunished.”

White indicated that the explicit utterances made against the complainant had caused widespread harm to the SGB chairperson, her loved ones, colleagues and the general public.

The ANC Youth League (ANCYL) in the Frances Baard district also distanced itself from the incident.

ANCYL regional conference preparatory committee (RCPC) co-ordinator, Velile Hesi, in a media statement stated that they had attended the Dido Best Games soccer tournament to encourage young people to rise above their circumstances through sport.

“It is unfortunate that at the same event, a member of society was verbally assaulted by a Northern Cape representative in parliament and founder of the games.

“The RCPC takes gender based violence very seriously. We denounce any wrongdoing by any member of society, regardless of their social status.”

Hesi added that all persons who occupied positions of influence in society, particularly in government and parliament had to be held accountable for their treatment of women.

“Men who assault women, whether physically or verbally, cannot engage in the struggle against gender based violence. The RCPC has welcomed the apology from Stock to Katz and her family as a step forward in the fight against GBV. This is a true triumph of accountability.”

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