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ANC region backs Matika, condemns ‘character assassination video’


“The video circulating violates the ANC social media policy that prescribes that any social media posting must be within the legal framework of the party constitution and code of conduct.”

ANC regional chairperson Mangaliso Matika. File picture: Danie van der Lith

THE ANC Frances Baard region has condemned insults made against its regional chairperson, Mangaliso Matika, which it said were being circulated via a video on social media.

ANC regional spokesperson Tshepo Louw said on Wednesday that the video aimed to “taint the persona” of the regional chairperson.

Louw also denied that there was any debate to unseat Matika.

According to a Twitter post, an online debate was planned for Friday, January 15 regarding the position of regional chairperson that was expected to feature the front-runners – including Matika, Monde January and Duncan Makoa.

In reply to the post, a tweeter questioned why Matika was seeking a second term. “That’s absurd because they did absolutely neks (nothing) for the people.”

ANC provincial secretary Deshi Ngxanga posted that social media was not a “branch” of the ANC.

“We don’t expect these comrades to participate in such debates. The branch is the basic unit and only branches can decide who must lead the region,” said Ngxanga.

The EFF in the Northern Cape joined the online discussion, where it stated that “everyone was a leader on social media”.

“When political consciousness escapes, it does bid farewell. But in reality there are no branches. I wonder which branches are going to listen as everyone is a leader on social media.”

Louw stated that Matika would not be participating in any debate.

“The regional structure has an obligation to account to its branches for any debates on policy matters and leadership preferences. We are also fully behind the regional chairperson, comrade (Mangaliso) Matika, and his collective, which remains the epitome of unity in this region through his leadership skills.”

He indicated that social media was not a platform for people to establish their own ANC branches or to divide its structures.

“The video circulating violates the ANC social media policy that prescribes that any social media posting must be within the legal framework of the party constitution and code of conduct.”

He called on law enforcement agencies to investigate and arrest the person behind the “character assassination fake video”.

“The ANC in the region is not intimidated by cheap illywhackers with their small-time borrowed confidence. These hoodwinkers masquerade as politicians in a quest to deceive our masses and tarnish the political head of the region.

“We are not going to be intimidated by psychopaths and parasites who suffer from obsequious, self-seeking syndrome at the expense of the unity of this structure in this region.”

Louw indicated that disciplinary steps would be taken against “all instigators who are agents of disunity within the organisation”.

“This will take place immediately as we are aware that the person behind this is a member of the organisation. We also call upon branches to refrain from insulting each other and the leadership of the ANC as this reflects badly and will lead to a decline in our membership in the region.”

He also denied the existence of a document that described the conduct of the ANC regional chairperson as being “unprofessional, rude, demeaning, disrespectful and extremely unacceptable”.

The document claimed that the regional chairperson and Sol Plaatje executive mayor were at loggerheads, where the ANC regional executive committee (REC) was giving an “unreasonable mandate” to micro-manage and interfere in the day-to-day running of the municipality that has resulted in “personal clashes”.

It stated that the mayor was “humiliated, subjected him to verbal abuse and shouted at him and threatened to remove him in the presence of other mayco members and senior management”.

“Branch members informed that the executive mayor’s ‘days are numbered’ as he refuses to take mandates. Procurement processes at the municipality are being interfered with.”

Louw said that he was unaware of the existence of the “so-called” document.

“This is news to us as the ANC in the region. So let all those who are mentioned answer individually to these allegations. Thank you, bye and happy New Year.”

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