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ANC provincial conference to go ahead after court interdict bid fails


Disgruntled branch members had turned to court to challenge outcome of regional conference and interdict party’s provincial conference

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THE ANC Northern Cape provincial conference will go ahead on May 28 after ANC branch members were unsuccessful in their urgent application that was brought before the Gauteng High Court on Thursday to interdict the conference.

The members had turned to the court to have the ANC regional conference in the Frances Baard district declared unlawful, unconstitutional and in breach of the ANC constitution.

The branch members alleged that there was gatekeeping, that the membership numbers were manipulated and branches were misrepresented at the regional conferences.

They argued that the term of the regional executive committees in the Northern Cape had expired and therefore they have no legal standing and were not in a position to elect or nominate delegates to attend the provincial conference.

ANC regional secretary Wende Marekwa said on Thursday that the matter was dismissed and struck off the roll.

“This is a clear indication that the leadership of this region is in line with the renewal project of the organisation, as reaffirmed by the 54th national conference resolutions. It also shows that societal transformation bestows certain serious responsibilities and we have indeed shown that our role should remind us that the ANC does not only lead its members but the entire society. Therefore, in line with the huge space we have occupied in society, we are required to take this organisation seriously by responding to all internal challenges confronting us in the current epoch,” said Marekwa.

He added that they were intent on uniting the ANC.

“We will continue to engage all comrades who are still disgruntled about the 8th regional conference, for them to join the vehicle of unity, renewal and reconstruction.

“We call on our members to desist from negative social media posts that seek to divide the organisation further in the region.

“Our primary task is to win the upcoming local government elections and work towards building strong branches that will respond to the challenges of the masses.”

The court applicants, however, said that the matter had not been struck off the roll and stated that the legal battle was far from over.

“This is a clear sign of ignorance of legal processes and short-sightedness of triumphalists. Judge Keitleigh of the Gauteng High Court dismissed the application for lack of urgency. It must be noted, however, that the application was brought in two parts, with part A being the interdict and part B being a declaration of invalidity of the Frances Baard regional conference.”

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