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ANC outlines plan to form a Government of National Unity


After a marathon special ANC NEC meeting, President Cyril Ramaphosa took to the podium at the Birchwood Hotel in Boksburg where outlined a plan to form a Government of National Unity.

He outlined a path towards a Government of National Unity.

He said there can be no solution to the country without the ANC.

During the course of discussions, he said the ANC looked at various scenarios for setting up a government.

With the ANC only getting 40%, it cannot set up a government without the help of other parties, Ramaphosa explained.

He said the aim was to set up an effective government that advanced the interest of South Africans as a whole.

Ramaphosa said the country requires extraordinary leadership and courage to plot the way forward and announced they would seek to set up a Government of National Unity.

Ramaphosa said that from the results of these elections, South Africans need their leaders to work together, find common ground and act for the good of everyone.

He said the Government of National Unity would need to have the means to build and fight crime and corruption.

Ramaphosa called for a national dialogue.

He revealed that the ANC had constructive discussions with a number of parties, including the Economic Freedom Fighters, Inkatha Freedom Party, Democratic Alliance, National Freedom Party and the Patriotic Alliance.

The ANC had also engaged its alliance partners to brief them on process and seek their guidance.

“The ANC has entered these discussions with an open mind and commitment to speak to all parties that have a stated intention to advance the interest of the people of South Africa,” he said.

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