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ANC infighting escalates in NC


ANC provincial secretary claims to be victim of a smear campaign, while lawyers’ letters do the rounds

ANC provincial secretary Deshi Ngxanga. File picture

ANC PROVINCIAL secretary Deshi Ngxanga intends to claim damages of R200 000 from an ANC member in Upington for defamation of character, in what he believes is part of a smear campaign.

A voice recording that was circulated on social media this week alleged that Ngxanga was involved in an extramarital affair, where a woman was flown to Johannesburg to engage in a sexual encounter with him.

According to a letter from Mjila and Partners, dated March 3, the voice note served to cast aspersion on the woman’s character, where it was insinuated that she was “in the habit of having sexual liaisons with unclean people”.

The letter instructed that Ngxanga be compensated for harm caused to his reputation, to the value of R200 000, by March 11 and that the voice note be retracted.

“The sole intention of publishing the defamatory matter on social media was to lower our client’s estimation in the community, cast our client as a person who is devoid of morals, as a person who abuses his authority to take advantage of young ladies, as a person who involves himself in acts that gravely violate the sentiment or accepted standard of the community and as a person who engages in adulterous relationships.”

The letter added that the allegations further placed their client in a bad light in the eyes of the general public.

Ngxanga indicated that he regarded the young lady in question as his daughter.

“She is a family friend who grew up in front of my eyes. I have and will never engage in any sexual activity with her. I am married and am loyal to my wife.”

He added that he would donate the money for the claim for damages to an old age home.

“People must stop spreading malicious stories about other people and dragging the names of innocent bystanders into disrepute.”

A senior employee at Dawid Kruiper Municipality, Joseph Biyo, has also sent a letter of demand against the ANC member, claiming damages to the amount of R100 000 for damage to his reputation.

A lawyer’s letter from Du Pokoy Attorneys demanded a public apology and instructed that the “false” statements be withdrawn on Facebook as well as on Radio Riverside.

It was stated that should a letter of apology not be forthcoming before March 7, civil and criminal proceedings would be pursued.

“Your actions have caused great damage to the integrity and reputation of our client as a husband and father, as well as a senior employee of Dawid Kruiper Municipality.”

Biyo stated that he was prepared to protect his reputation in court.

“I am a person of good standing and am the ANC branch chairperson who will be contesting for re-election. I cannot afford to have my name dragged through the mud and I never transported anyone to the airport to Johannesburg for the purpose of sexual relations.”

He added that the woman in question was also in the process of claiming damages for slander.

“She is an ANC volunteer.”

Biyo explained that there were concerted efforts under way to tarnish the name of anyone who supported Ngxanga ahead of the upcoming conferences.

The ANC in the ZF Mgcawu region has given ANC member Elizabeth Munnik until today to provide reasons why she should not be suspended after she allegedly made unfounded allegations against the ANC provincial secretary as well as the regional chairperson, Abraham Vosloo.

“You plan to act in a way that will further impinge the reputation of the ANC and bring harm to the good names of the leadership.”