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ANC expels Phokwane mayor on misconduct charges


The ANC has expelled the Phokwane mayor Olebogeng Tumodi after they found him guilty on three charges of misconduct.

THE ANC has expelled the Phokwane mayor Olebogeng Tumodi after they found him guilty on three charges of misconduct.

ANC regional chairperson Wende Marekwa on Sunday, stated that Tumodi was charged on December 19 while the disciplinary hearing was held from December 29 until January 8.

Marekwa indicated that as an ANC representative at Phokwane Municipality, Tumodi failed to attend ANC caucuses that were convened by the party chief whip on or about November 22 during an inaugural meeting of council.

“He also ignored an ordinary council meeting on December 13, to discuss the approach to the meetings. On the said dates he chose to have a separate meeting with the opposition, that is in contravention of the ANC Constitution.”

He added that Tumodi acted in collaboration with opposition political parties.

“The alliance is contrary to the aims, policies and objectives of the ANC. He participated in an illegal meeting with opposition parties to discuss the appointment of the acting municipal manager and undermined the existence of the Speaker of the council who is a member of the ANC.”

Marekwa stated that Tumodi “violated his deployment agreement” by failing to observe the undertaking he signed as a public representative of the ANC at Phokwane municipality.

“Due to the seriousness of the charges, under the circumstances the charged member is expelled from the ANC.

“The ANC regional disciplinary committee advised Tumodi that he has 21 days in which to lodge an appeal with the provincial structure as the next higher disciplinary committee.”

He added that the regional disciplinary committee was satisfied that all disciplinary proceedings were properly followed.

Donny Maphage who represented Tumodi at the hearing indicated that they would appeal directly to the national disciplinary committee.

“The outcome was pre-empted. We are of the view that the Provincial executive committee has a vested interest in the matter. The sanction has no impact on Tumodi’s position as mayor or ward councillor of ward 3.

“The people’s mayor is still very much in charge. His focus is on the acceleration of service delivery for the Phokwane community.”

He added that they would appeal the outcome on the basis of procedural flaws.

“They were eager to continue with the hearing even after Tumodi had to leave due to his medical condition. He was in pain and his leg was swollen. We will exhaust all avenues available.”

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