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ANC condemns defacing of Upington 26 monument


The ANC has condemned the defacing of the Upington 26 monument, in Paballelo.

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THE ANC has condemned the defacing of the Upington 26 monument, in Paballelo and is also in the process of investigating the author of a poison pen letter that has been circulating on social media, attacking the ANC provincial chairperson.

ANC provincial secretary Deshi Ngxanga on Monday said the monument was a historical site that reflected the struggles of the people of Paballelo and Upington against racial domination and oppression.

“On November 13 1985, almost 3 000 people gathered on a soccer field in Paballelo to discuss community grievances. The reaction of the police was savage attacks and tear gassing of unarmed and defenceless people.”

He indicated that they had footage of someone who had painted a face on the monument.

“I am not sure if the paint can be removed. We do not want to speculate on the reasons for the defacing of the monument.

“A team of provincial executive committee (PEC) members will be sent to the region to investigate and compile a comprehensive report. The PEC appeals to the community to treasure and appreciate the monument as part of our collective legacy.”

He added that they were also investigating the origins of an anonymous letter that launched a personal attack against ANC provincial chairperson Dr Zamani Saul.

“The terrible letter contains ugly insults and degrades the provincial chairperson.

“These attacks are not new and lately started with the video clip attacking the provincial secretary and an anonymous letter attacking the deputy provincial secretary and now another anonymous letter with fake social media platforms attacking the provincial chairperson. These lies are akin to looking for a needle in a haystack and it’s a miserable attempt to defocus us. As this leadership collective we remain undeterred and unshaken and will not waste our time chasing after lies, rumours and gossip.”

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