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Aid for family after storm destroys shack


Joy after disaster for Lerato Park resident.

A 46-YEAR-old Lerato Park resident, Pulane Noko, and her six-year-old daughter were left homeless after their shack was destroyed during Sunday’s storm.

Kimberley experienced sudden heavy rains at around 5pm on Sunday, which was followed by another downpour on Monday afternoon. 

According to the weather forecast, more rain is expected in the next three days.

Noko said that they were visiting a neighbour when they heard a loud bang. 

“The rain was making a big noise as it fell on the zinc roof, but we suddenly heard a bang above the noise of the rain. When we went to look, we saw that the whole roof of our shack, as well as two side panels, had been blown away by the strong wind.”

She indicated that everything inside, including all their food and their furniture, was wet.

“This was a massive blow because I had just bought enough groceries to last us for the duration of the lockdown and now it is all ruined.”

She added that her neighbours had come to her aid and offered accommodation for her and her child for the night.

The PR Ward councillor, Paul Kock, who was contacted after the incident on Sunday night, arrived early on Monday to provide blankets and four mattresses that the family can use.

Noko added that the councillor had also brought people with him who were able to help her rebuild her shack.

Kock confirmed that relief was provided to the family and that food parcels will be delivered to the family on Tuesday.

“We are really grateful to the councillor for coming to our aid so fast. I was so helpless yesterday and cried because I didn’t know what we would eat through this lockdown period. Now at least I know that I will be getting food parcels delivered,” said Noko.

“It will feel good to be sleeping in my own home and have a warm home-cooked meal tonight,” added a relieved Noko.

Several trees in the city were also blown over during the storm, including one in Herlear.

According to figures supplied by the South African Weather Office, 67mm of rain was recorded in Kimberley in the 10-day period ending on March 21.

Several other Northern Cape towns also had good rains inlcuding Boetsap 26mm, Britstown 53mm, Danielskuil 15mm, Deben 22mm, Hanover 42mm, Hopetown 22mm, Kathu 15mm, Kuruman 15mm, Magareng 85mm, Niekerkshoop 26mm, Noupoort 19mm, Orania 90mm, Petrusville 14mm, Postmasburg 10mm, Prieska 44mm, Richmond 49mm, Strydenburg 25mm, Vaalharts 58mm, Van der Kloof Dam 48mm.

On Sunday, the Weather Office recorded 5mm at the Kimberley Airport but in other parts of town as much as 22mm was measured.


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