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‘Accused said he killed teen’


“I didn’t know if it was the truth. Nathan was the only one who saw that it was the truth and came back to tell me.”

IN COURT: Stefanus Adams appeared in the Northern Cape High Court yesterday on charges of housebreaking with intention to murder and malicious damage to property. He pleaded not guilty to all charges. Picture: Danie van der Lith

THE TRIAL of the man accused of killing a Plakkerskamp, Strydenburg teenager and dumping his body last year, is expected to return to the Northern Cape High Court this morning.

Stefanus Adams, 29, yesterday pleaded not guilty on two counts, namely one count of housebreaking with the intention to commit murder, an offence that carries a sentence of life imprisonment if found guilty and unable to present exceptional circumstances for his actions, and one count of malicious damage to property

It is alleged that Adams shocked 17-year-old Jonathan Meintjies with live electric wire, hit him with a metal object and bludgeoned him with a huge stone.

He then allegedly dragged Meintjies’ body to a dumping site with the intention of concealing it.

However, the body was later discovered by children who were playing around the dumping site in Plakkerskamp. The body was found covered by branches, cardboard boxes and a blanket.

Yesterday afternoon, Meintjies’ cousin, Merlin Waterboer, took the stand and he told the court that while he was concerned to hear Adams express his intention to kill Meintjies on the evening of June 2, 2017, he struggled to believe him the following morning when he allegedly confessed to having followed through with his threat.

Waterboer testified that he had met Adams and two mutual acquaintances at a local tavern shortly after 8pm on that Friday evening and Adams asked about the whereabouts of Meintjies.

“He (Adams) said he was looking for Jonathan, who had taken something big from him,” said Waterboer. “He said he was looking for him and he was going to kill him.”

Waterboer said that he then left the tavern to go to his girlfriend’s house but went looking for Adams before 8am the following day.

“On the Saturday morning I went to the tavern to see if I could find Stefanus and someone said he was at the soccer field.

“I found him there and he called me into a changeroom. Nathan and George (the two acquaintances) came along. He (Adams) told me that he killed Jonathan. I told him it’s not true. He said he can go and show me.”

Waterboer stated that Adams was adamant that he had committed the murder and that they should return to the scene of the crime together, but he wanted no part of it.

He added that Nathan left them at the soccer field and went to the scene of the alleged crime, and returned shortly after and said that the body was still lying at the dumps.

“I left them and went to a funeral,” Waterboer said.

Under cross-examination, Waterboer said that George and Nathan had been present throughout his interactions with Adams, including when he made the threat on the Friday evening and claimed to have committed the act the following morning.

“There was someone (George and Nathan) with me who had heard that Stefanus did it,” he added, referring to the conversation on the Saturday morning. “In the changeroom, it was the four of us but there was a friend of Stefanus outside.

“Nathan and George were with Stefanus the whole time when I wasn’t there.

“I didn’t know if it was the truth. Nathan was the only one who saw that it was the truth and came back to tell me.”

Waterboer confirmed that he had consumed alcohol, as had Adams he said, adding that the accused was under the influence but was still able to communicate. “Stefanus had been drinking but he wasn’t drunk because he could speak.

“He insisted on showing me but I said I didn’t want to be involved in such things.

“I eventually said on my own that I was leaving and left. George and Nathan stayed with Stefanus.”