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A step closer to ‘home’

NO NAME: Residents have been relocated to the this informal settlement which has yet to be named. Picture: Soraya Crowie

MORE than 70 shanties have already been erected on an open piece of land in Homevale that has been earmarked for occupation by a hundred households.

Residents said they had been relocated to the informal settlement, which has yet to be named.

“We have been waiting forever for houses. Even though it is bitterly cold, for now we are happy that we are a step closer to owning our own homes. Where we were living was too crowded.”

They make use of a portable toilet and indicated that they had access to a free-standing tap and made use of candles and gas stoves.

“They must provide us with a high mast light as it is very dark at night. We will not allow any illegal occupants to invade this land. Residents are required to produce their title deeds when they set up here.”

The shanty committee dismissed allegations that bribes had been offered in exchange for plots or that residents, who were employed by the state, had been given land in the area.

Manager for the Office of the Mayor, George Mosimane, said a total of 100 sites had been allocated for the relocation of 41 Homevale and 30 Santa residents.

“The municipality assisted in the relocation process.

“There is running water and temporary toilets available at the site.”

He stated that all occupants were required to undergo the normal process of screening in order to be allocated plots or houses.

“No illegal shacks have been erected. If further developments take place in the area, it will be communicated to the community through the ward councillor.”