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79 NC primary schools return to “normal timetable” as Covid cases decrease

File picture: David Ritchie

The Northern Cape Department of Education says it has noted a considerable decrease in the number of Covid-19 infections.

A TOTAL of 79 primary schools in the Northern Cape have returned to daily classes as Covid-19 infections at schools in the Province have decreased during the third term, according to the provincial Department of Education.

Department spokesperson Geoffrey van der Merwe said on Monday that they had noted a considerable decrease in the number of infections since July 26, where there were 213 reported infections over the past three weeks.

“While the infection rate remains consistently low. Only three schools needed to close during this period and were scheduled to reopen on Monday, August 16. We are pleased with the manner in which schools are complying in terms of Covid-19 regulations and guidelines,” said Van der Merwe.

He added that over the past weeks, members of the executive council and senior management from the department visited schools to monitor and assess Covid-19 compliance.

“We currently have 79 primary schools in the Province that have returned to the normal timetable, where all learners attend school daily. The department indicated from the onset that only schools that could comply with the Covid-19 regulations and guidelines will be allowed to return to the normal timetable model. We will continue to safeguard the lives of our educators, learners and non-teaching staff to always adhere to the Covid-19 regulations and non-pharmaceutical interventions.”

Van der Merwe noted that valuable learning and teaching time had been lost due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

“The department is implementing recovery plans and intervention programmes to support all our pupils. We urge our Grade 12 parents to ensure that their children benefit from these intervention programmes to ensure that they are successful for the 2021 school academic year. We further call on all school communities to continue to work with the department and ensure strict adherence to the Covid-19 regulations by wearing a mask, sanitising, washing hands regularly and to maintain social distance.”

He encouraged educators and support staff who had not yet been vaccinated to register on the electronic vaccination data system (EVDS) and to make use of the public vaccination programme.

“Vaccination has proven to be safe and it’s the only way that you can protect yourself and your loved ones against Covid-19.”

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