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X users react to Bonang Matheba calling for SAA to be grounded following awful experience


South African travellers voice their frustration with SAA and call for the airline to do better.

South African media personality and entrepreneur, Bonang Matheba. Picture: Instagram

AS South African Airways (@FlySAA) slowly tries to regain its dominance of the African skies after returning to service in September 2021, it seems that not everyone is pleased with the airline.

Following an “awful” experience with the airline, South African media personality Bonang Matheba took to social media platform, X, suggesting that it should be grounded.

“…your crusty airplanes should probably remain grounded. Terrible day. Awful airline. Do better @flysaa,” said Matheba.

While Matheba wouldn’t disclose exactly what really happened, she did allude to the fact that the experience also involved her family.

She said the airline was useless and “the absolute worst”.

SAA responded to Matheba with an apology, alluding to the discontent stemming from a flight delay.

“Hi, we at SAA will do everything in our power to ensure that our flights depart on time. We wish to assure you that it is never our intention to wilfully inconvenience our valued customers.

“We do apologize for the inconvenience you were subjected to due to the flight delay,” said SAA.

Trying to diffuse the situation between Matheba and SAA, @djstago commented: “Saying SAA should probably remain grounded is unconstitutional. They actually employ a lot of people 🥹 Surely wit their 31 aircrafts for 51 end of the service will get better 🤙.”

Another X user, @Nshali, shared: “Last time I used them, their flight got delayed by a whole 3hours. As if that wasn’t enough it still delayed with a further 55minutes. Staff at the Durban counter was very rude.”

@Paxcks also noted: “They are terrible, I have an UMNR on the plane n just b4 she was meant to land they call to say the plane is still in Cpt. I am still struggling to get hold of them 😡 @flysaa what must happen?”

While @leloe_m said: “Sorry about your experience. If flying locally, I find Airlink yo be super decent with really excellent service. Maybe it’s worth exploring x.”

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