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Woman seeks divorce after realising husband was ‘purposely’ tightening food jars


The woman recounted her experience, stating: ‘It wasn’t a huge deal if he was there, but if I was alone, it was so annoying.’

WOMAN seeks divorce after realising husband was ‘purposely’ tightening food jars. Picture: Pexels

A WOMAN has revealed her reason for filing for divorce from her husband.

The user, who goes by the name DirectionProper9461 on socials, is questioning her recent decision to file for divorce from her husband, who repeatedly tightened all of the jar lids in their kitchen to the point that she could never open anything.

“It wasn’t a huge deal if he was there, but if I was alone, it was so annoying. More times than I can count, I’ve opened a new jar of something because I couldn’t get the jar open,” she explained.

She described this habit as a type of cycle where she would keep her anger inside until it reached a breaking point and have a meltdown over the jar lids, until she calmed down and the cycle would repeat itself.

“He initially claimed that he did it to ‘keep food fresh’. After many arguments about it, and my insistence that I don’t believe it keeps anything fresh, and even if it does make things last longer I don’t care if it means I can’t eat my freaking food when I want.

“I’ll just replace things that go bad because they are closed normally. Then the excuse was that it’s a habit,” she continued.

Then, one day her husband was out of the state for 10 days and once again she couldn’t open a jar. She ended up running into her neighbour, who offered to help her with anything she needed, so she had him attempt to open all of the jars in her house.

“He said that he’s heard me screaming about over-tightened jar lids a few times over the years and he’s really pondered if I was crazy or if my husband was really over-tightening the jar lids,” the woman wrote.

“He said: ‘You know, this was intentional. It was every jar, and I’m sure he doesn’t regularly use hot pepper paste or mango purée, or any of your other fancy cooking stuff.”

Then he held up the two jars he couldn’t open and said: ‘I don’t know why he’s doing it, but it wasn’t an accident.“

AITAH for filing for divorce because my husband over tightens all the jar lids?
byu/DirectionProper9461 inAITAH

Although the neighbour later apologised for his comment, she decided she couldn’t handle the tight jar lids anymore and contacted a lawyer to file for divorce.

She clarified that this was the only problem she noticed with their marriage and how her husband was “absolutely blindsided” by the news.

“He still won’t admit that he tightened the lids on purpose. He suggested we go to marriage counselling, but I refused,” her post continued.

“I have no idea why he would tighten every jar lid so tightly that I couldn’t open it. He has given me no reason. He still won’t even admit that he did it on purpose. But the hot pepper paste is in the back of the fridge. I use it only when I make Indian food.

“It’s behind other things. He’s never used it. It’s nothing you could put in food without cooking it. The pepper paste could not have been an accident. It couldn’t.

“Maybe he put mango purée on his toast or in his oatmeal but the pepper paste couldn’t have been an accident.”

She had also mentioned that if even one jar had been loose enough to open, she might have reconsidered the divorce, but that wasn’t the case.

Redditors rallied behind the wife in support. “No, you’re not getting a divorce because of jar lids; you’re getting a divorce because your husband is gaslighting you for sport,” commented one user.

“I’m just imagining this dude sneaking into a dark kitchen every night to tighten all the jar lids while manically laughing,” noted another.

“Your husband has spent five years deliberately making your life harder in small ways and then lying to your face to make you think you’re crazy,” highlighted another user.

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