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What the cards say about 2021


Will this year be better than last?

Psychic Ursula Wania. Picture: Supplied

Johannesburg – Times Magazine has dubbed 2020 the “Worst Year Ever”.

But will this year be any different from the horrific year that South Africans and others from around the globe experienced last year?

The Saturday Star chatted to renowned psychic Ursula Wania to find out what she expects for the year ahead and whether South Africans can expect more doom and gloom.

Ursula is one of South Africa’s most recognised Tarot Card readers as well as an astrologer, numerologist and certified theta healer. Her grandmother was the distinguished clairvoyant Madam Fransie, who in her day was consulted by many prominent people across the country, just as Ursula is today.

Wania successfully predicted the election of President Clinton, the break-up between Prince Andrew and Fergie and the choice of the new South African flag before the elections.

Wania has been reading cards for the past 25 years. This is what she had to say:

“When I originally did the predictions for 2020, they looked really negative and I thought I might just be having an off day.

“So I disregarded them and when I redid them, I wanted to take the best out of the reading and not focus on the negative that showed up.

“I just don’t think we were ready to hear those predictions at the time. I could never find them again after that, I must have thrown them away.

“Make sure you start 2021 with lots of courage and faith. We are going to see things that we haven’t seen before. We will see the world and those whose authority you accept for what it really is. A lot of truths will come out about the world we live in.

“The world will change, just like it did after 9/11. In the future, we will need a Covid passport to travel, to get a job and even to purchase basic necessities. The virus will become the focus point.

“Many will struggle with the new Covid strains and many lives will be lost.

“Strict rules will apply to life and people will become increasingly unhappy about it and eventually start to retaliate.

“The higher governing bodies will enjoy life, while everyone else will struggle. There will be loss of jobs, and financially many will struggle to keep up with the cost of living. There will be government and legal injustice.

“Governments will make out that they are doing their part to help ‒ but it is all talk, nothing more. Fear and greed continue through 2021.

“Many face a lack of resources and will not have the comfort and security they had in the past. There will be disasters regarding water, could also be shortages, as well as food and fuel shortages.

“Individuals will start secret organisations to try and help others. Innovative ideas will be developed because of this.

“Everyone will feel trapped, with nowhere to run. Many will try and start new ventures. These will be done on a small scale initially.

“A total destruction of financial matters. Problems over interest rates, either too high or too low.

“Those with faith and courage will find ways to get through 2021. Put away your fears; they might be harming you more than you realise.

“South Africa will be severely hit with the above.

“There is a lot of fear, worry and stress and this will affect the way people think. It is draining people’s soul, and when the soul is weak, the mind and body will follow. Covid will continue well into 2021 and we will see new strains developing.

Covid-19 will continue well into 2021 and we will see new strains developing, says renowned psychic Ursula Wania. Picture : Motshwari Mofokeng /African News Agency (ANA)

“We face more restrictions as well as longer lockdowns. Force will be used for the people who don’t comply.

“Many will lose their jobs and businesses and despair and sickness will start showing.

“There will be many challenges for those who want to travel. Travel will change in some way in the future.

“Many will lose their homes. Governments will put pressure on business owners ‒ basically robbing them.

“Pregnancies face challenges and many babies will be born with problems. It will not be a good time to have a baby. Wait a few years if you can.

“Governments will make it really difficult to survive life the way we know it.

“Expand yourself to accommodate foreign paradigms. Your powers and skills will be tested. Think carefully before proceeding; consider your actions carefully.

“Addictions will climb, and so will suicides. Much more uncertainty than 2020.

“Education systems will feel disconnected and disillusioned; however, we will be learning about so many new things. Like science and medical breakthroughs. Spiritual interests will grow as we try to deal with the truth and find answers.

“There will be a lot of chaos and unrest to deal with starting as early as January. Most of this starts around the US elections and filters into the rest of the world.

“Jupiter, planet of expansion, travels through Aquarius and will bring many breakthroughs, as well as events we never thought were possible. New doors are opening. 2021 holds the keys to a brighter, new world.

“It is a good idea to start investing in cryptocurrency because the way money works currently is heading for a change.”

Saturday Star

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