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What are these ‘trendy’ and ‘pricey’ Prime drinks that kids are obsessed with?


Prime Hydration and Prime Energy drinks are the new must-have accessory that kids love.

Prime Hydrate. Picture: Prime Hydrate

PRIME Hydration and Prime Energy drinks are the new must-have accessory that kids love.

Created by controversial YouTubers Logan Paul and KSI, the drinks have been heavily marketed to their huge fan base of mostly young males.

Prime isn’t exclusively an energy drink. Prime Hydration is the brand’s sports drink, which contains coconut water, B vitamins, and branched-chain amino acids, which bodybuilders use to promote muscle growth.

The brand’s energy drink is called Prime Energy, which also contains 200mg of caffeine – double the amount contained in a can of Red Bull.

Young people have been flooding supermarkets, trying to purchase the drink, with stocks quickly selling out.

According to the beverage website, the YouTubers created ‘Prime’ “to showcase what happens when rivals come together as brothers and business partners to fill the void where great taste meets function.”

“We dropped our first product, PRIME Hydration in 2022 and since then, we’ve continued to work countless hours to expand in retailers, reach new markets, and formulate new products we know you’ll love. ​We’ve been humbled by the process of creating a real brand & surpassing some of the biggest beverage companies in the world. As underdogs, we always cherish the opportunity to show the world what’s possible,” they wrote.

Kim Kardashian’s son Saint has also been spotted holding a bottle of Prime Hydration at the Arsenal football grounds in London.

Recent reports reveal that the interest in the drink, specifically among children, has parents, schools, and health experts concerned with the impact it could have on kids. As children desperately try to get their hands on it, some Australian schools have taken swift action, calling the frenzy a “dangerous new trend”.

According to reports, the energy drink has been banned in a number of schools, partly due to its high caffeine content, and under-the-table sales of the drink in schools at higher prices.

On Twitter last year, KSI added that the beverage was being sold on the “black market”.

In a tweet, the YouTuber shared screenshots of bottles being sold for £15 (R300) and said: “This annoys me so much. We’re trying so hard to increase the supply as much as possible to try and combat the black-market selling.

“Me and Logan ain’t made any money from Prime. It’s all going back into the business to increase the supply. We’re trying people.”

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