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Weatherman interrupts live broadcast to call his children and warn them about tornado


With minutes to spare, meteorologist Doug Kammerer went completely off script.

File picture: Pixabay

WHEN NBC Washington chief meteorologist Doug Kammerer went live on air to present the latest weather update, he quickly realised that something wasn’t right.

A tornado warning had been issued for the Maryland area.

While tracking the storm, he told viewers the tornado warning was right over his house.

Without missing a beat, he took out his phone and called his son.

“Kent, you there buddy?

“Hey man, I want you to get down to the basement. We got a tornado warning. I want to make sure you and Callie get down as soon as you can,“ he told his son.

Kammerer ended the call and continued with the broadcast, saying: “I gotta warn my kids, because I know what my kids are doing right now, they’re probably online gaming. And they’re not seeing this.”

Thankfully, a few minutes after Kammerer went on air, the National Weather Service cancelled the tornado warning, Raw Story reported.

On the unusual and public way he warned his children, fellow meteorologist James Morrow told a US broadcaster that “the decision to cut in is not easy for stations to do, and for meteorologist to ask for permission to do.

“But as a consumer of their feed, and a scientist who understands the risks of strong tornadic storms like this, it was heartening to see this type of coverage for what could’ve turned into a very serious situation.”

Most of the comments on the now-viral YouTube video agreed with Morrow’s take.

“People are saying ‘What a great weatherman’. No that’s being a great father. Much respect,” said one online user.

Another posted: “Love how he remains news professional while talking to his son and then just jumps right back into it. Seamless.”

And yes, there were those who took issue: “He loves hyping these things up until it might effect him. I wonder what he’ll do next time a storm comes up.”

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