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WATCH: South Africans are ‘friendly’ and ‘warm’. That’s what makes them different


Mzansi may be notorious for crime and load shedding but what sets the country apart from the rest, is its people.

A group of men sitting on the side of the road in Soweto and greet passersby. Picture: Unsplash

THOUGH the country may experience some technical glitches here and there, it seems that Mzansi is the place to be. South Africa has been trending on the internet and, lately, for good reason.

According to a video by Humans Talk Humans on TikTok, what makes South Africa different from the Netherlands is that South Africans are warm and friendly.

@humanstalkhumans What is life like in South Africa VS The Netherlands? 💭🇿🇦🇳🇱 #humanstalkhumans #southafrica #dutch #god #sun ♬ original sound – Humans Talk Humans

Taki, the host of Humans Talk Humans, asked a South African woman living in the Netherlands what the difference in life between the two countries are.

“Yes there is a lot of crime, There’s a lot of things that is not right. But there is also things that is beautiful. The natural beauty of the country. The people are very friendly,” said the South African.

She continued by saying that people keep to themselves in the Netherlands.

“They just walk past one another. Yeah. So it’s just like life, life, life. There’s no smiling. It’s very rare that you find somebody that just smiles. We have very friendly people in South Africa so that’s the major difference,” she said.

Taki commented that the secret to having friendlier people is having the sun and the lady responded: “It could be vitamin D but I think that it may be deeper. Maybe people will say it’s culture but I do believe that there is a deep love for God in South Africa. That could be the difference.”

Of course, South Africans were in the comments section to show some love to the lady abroad and share their views.

Tik Tok user, Valdene Alex, said: “Yes, in South Africa, we’ll have a whole conversation with a stranger like we’ve known each other for years.”

Another user, Oceania.za, said: “In SA you can talk about your problems with a stranger and they’ll probably help you or cheer you up 😂❤️.”

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