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WATCH: Nasty C and Rick Ross have plans in the pipeline


The rappers recently chatted on an Instagram Live about future collaborations and working on an all African rap album.

Nasty C. Picture: Instagram

The rappers recently chatted on Instagram Live about future collaborations and working on an all African rap album.

ICONIC American rapper Rick Ross has taken interest in “SMA” hitmaker, Nasty C.

The two entered an Instagram Live chat recently, where they discussed a one-of-a-kind rap album that Rick Ross plans to make, as well as Nasty C’s collaboration with alcohol brand, Luc Belaire Rare Rose, for which Ross is a big promoter.

During the live, Ross introduced Nasty C as “multi-talented” and asked him about the rappers that influenced his sound.

“Your stuff is futuristics, you on your fly dope sh**,” said Ross.

Nasty C responded: “It was always (Lil) Wayne, Chris Brown, Busta Rhymes, Eminem… Then of course, you, Meek, Tech Nine. They gave me the word play, the melodies, the flows, all of that.”

During the interview Nasty C named award-winning slain rapper AKA as one of his top three African artists of all time, along with Burna Boy and Akon.

“That was a big brother to me. He took me in when I was like 16 years old. I wasn’t even allowed to be at the clubs and festivals, but he would always get me in, get me to open for him before her gets on stage.

“He showed me a little about the game, before I even rose to my shining spotlight. He’s the one that really embraced me,” shared Nasty C.

Ross later revealed that he planned to release an all African rap album on which he would like to collaborate with Nasty C.

“It’s so important that I collaborate wit the real ones like yourself. I would love for us to get into a room together and just vibe…come up with an amazing title and just let the hustlers shine,” said Ross.

He asked Nasty C for advice about top producers they should work with for the upcoming album, to which Nasty C recommended, Kabza De Small, Gemini Major and P Prime.

Watch the full Instagram Live below.

Fans who took the time out to join the Live, were left unimpressed by Ross, who, from time to time, held up random bottles of alcohol to promote during the interview.

“Bro is just promoting his alcohol, these Americans love using SA xeim,” wrote @kay_prince_rsa.

Another wrote, “Ross reall had no transition for all that bottle changing 😂.”

In a follow up video posted by Nasty C, he displayed his gratitude towards Ross.

“I get a lot of these crazy moments, which are very rare, but I get a lot of them, and most of the time I don’t really show you guys how excited I am, so it looks like I am down playing the whole thing, but then, when I am with my people I celebrate.

“I wanted to send a message to Rick Ross. Yo bro, thank you. You’re an icon, you’re a legend, everyone knows that. You’ve been given a talent, a gift, a crazy blessing.

“And you’re sharing that with everyone, so thank you, not just what you’re doing for me, but for what you doing for everyone else. We just want to say thank you bro,” ended Nasty C.

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