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WATCH: Halloween costume inspired by ‘Water’ challenge grabs Tyla’s attention


Besties dress up as singer Tyla and a bottle of water for Halloween.

Tyla. Picture: Instagram/@Tyla

NOT all Halloween costumes are scary and these besties have certainly opted to do a different take on their costumes.

South African artist,Tyla’s hit song ‘Water’ has gone viral globally, along with the dance moves that everyone on socials has tried to copy.

The song and dance challenge was clearly the inspiration behind Jessica Kunamalla and her friend’s Halloween costume.

The TikToker (@jessicakunamalla) from Chicago took to the app to share their Halloween look.

She, dressed up as the singer Tyla by wearing a nude-toned flowing top, while her friend dressed up as a bottle of Fiji Water – a look she achieved by wrapping clingwrap around her body with the logo stuck on the front.

In the video captioned, “@tyla and her bff #halloween #tyla #water,” you see the friends having fun with the whole idea.

In one image Jessica is seen lifting her friend and pretending to use her as an actual water bottle, which is all part of the ‘Water’ dance moves.

@jessicakunamalla @Tyla and her bff #halloween #tyla #water ♬ Water – Tyla

Because the singer was tagged in the post, she actually commented on the video by simply saying: “No ways.”

Another person commented: “Nah this is great”.

“Too freaking good,” said someone else.

The TikTok video was reposted on X by Tyla fan @for_tyla, saying: “They dressed up as Tyla and a Water Bottle for Halloween , I can’t- 😭”

The singer then reposted the X post, saying: “Guys please keep tagging and sending these to me… this is crazy😭🤍.”

@TNG_II responded: “That is actually very cool🤣”

“This is so cute omg 😭😭” tweeted @BENLIKETHIS

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