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WATCH: Eggs fried in Fanta orange leaves tweeps in shock


Picture: REUTERS/Sam Mircovich

Omelette recipe cooked with loads of eggs, butter, chutney, masalas, tomato sauce.

THERE’S nothing more delicious than eggs!

No matter how you prepare eggs, their taste will never disappoint you, but we aren’t sure about this bizarre omelette recipe cooked with loads of eggs, butter, chutney, masalas, tomato sauce and to add that connoisseur’s touch, a bottle of Fanta Orange.

The video, which carries a logo of India Eat Mania, has been posted by Twitter user Eesha on the micro-blogging platform.

The video shows an eatery preparing this unique dish which is a combination of different types of egg preparations along with a generous splash of the beverage.

“Mom come pick me they’re frying Fanta with eggs,” posted the Twitter user while sharing the video.

The clip has stirred up the internet and has garnered more than 120 000 views and thousands of likes and comments.

There aren’t many details about the original video, but what will freak any egg lover is the use of a fizzy drink to prepare an omelette, a sweet and spicy omelette, which will certainly kill your love for eggs, forever, according to tweeps.

This is not the first time that the internet has survived the pain of the weird food fusions.

The viral weird video had three components of cooking eggs.

In the first part, an omelette of three eggs is made.

Next, a gravy of egg yolks along with spices, ketchup, chutney, coriander leaves is made and this goes as the first gravy of the omelete.

Then one other topping for the eggs was ready by including spices, onions, and the Fanta Orange drink.

The drink is generously poured onto the grill after which it is poured over the scrambled eggs.

The bizarre recipe did not go down properly with eaters on the web.

Some merely hated it, whereas others questioned why the dish was invented.

“So basically they put a carbonated drink to have the carbon dioxide evaporate eventually leaving behind sugary water with flavour in it and giving the omelette a bubbly nature (exactly what baking soda does).

“Why do people pay R250 for such nonsense?” questioned one user.

“Why not? They use eggs in everything, from confectionery to omelettes.

“Such innovation lets them forget the pandemic,” wrote another user.

A third wrote: “First we saw cheese overloaded food.

“Now a Fanta omelette.

“South Indian food is way better and healthy.

“No wonder why India became prone to Covid-19 more than any other countries.”

Cooking eggs with an orange drink is not new.

Foodies swear that adding citrus to your scrambled eggs makes them literally mouthwatering.

According to Wonder-How-To, adding a squeeze of lemon or lime juice, or a few generous drops of orange juice, to scrambled eggs has the same effect as salt does on your taste buds: it makes you salivate.

They say increased salivation means that your eggs literally become mouth-watering.

They also reveal that the zest from a lemon or orange also works because it has the same citrusy flavour, and can be a great substitute for the juice if you don’t want to add extra liquid to your eggs.

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