Home Lifestyle Valiant Swart auctions artworks, souvenirs to raise funds for ailing wife

Valiant Swart auctions artworks, souvenirs to raise funds for ailing wife

Lanelle and Valiant Swart. Picture: Supplied

Lanelle was recently diagnosis with lymphedema in her right leg.

AFRIKAANS folk-rock star and actor Valiant Swart is set to auction his valuable memorabilia to help raise money for his wife Lanelle’s treatment.

Some of the items to be auctioned include the couple’s artworks, guitars, handwritten and framed lyrics of hits like “Songvanger”, “Die Mystic Boer”, “Eyeshadow” and “Duisend Myl Blues”, the last remaining bottles of Mystic Boer brandy and signed framed photographs.

The Sama award-winning singer confirmed that his wife, who is also his agent, underwent cancer surgery two years ago.

Following the surgery, Lanelle suffered complications, which include her recent diagnosis with lymphedema in her right leg, which could possibly spread to her left leg at a later stage.

“Lanelle is an iron lady and wonderful mother to our children.

“She has always had an active lifestyle and held the fort when I had to be on the road for work. Lymphedema has significantly changed her life,” shared the singer.

As a result of her diagnosis, which will worsen over time, the active fifty-one-year-old’s life has been severely disrupted.

“My wife has to permanently wear uncomfortable, restrictive compression socks to prevent her legs from swelling and her condition from deteriorating.

“She also has to do special exercise every morning, without exception, to prevent swelling, pain and complications.

“Despite her disciplined exercise programme and diet, she still experiences constant pain and discomfort, which makes normal things like driving exhausting,” he added.

After months of research, the couple discovered that there is a micro-surgical procedure in the US to treat lymphedema.

“Lymphedema affects all aspects of my life. Apart from chronic swelling, pain and discomfort, it also affects my immune system and can lead to life-threatening bacterial infection.

“The worst for me is the fear that I might lose my mobility,” offered Lanelle.

She added: “This operation will give me a chance to function normally because it creates an alternative drainage route for the lymph, which helps to slow down tissue change and reduces the risk of infection.”

To raise money for Lanelle’s treatment, the couple plans to host two auctions in the Cape and Gauteng.

“We would like to have two live auctions early in 2022.

“It will also be live-streamed at the same time to ensure a larger audience and provide an excellent advertising platform to advertisers,” explained Valiant.

The Gauteng auction will take place on Thursday, January 27, at The Blue Crane Restaurant in Pretoria.The details of the Cape

Details of the Cape Town auction are yet to be announced.

South Africans who would like to make donations, sponsor prizes, buy advertising space or get involved can send an email to valiant@valiant.

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