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Uncle Waffles’ ‘Tanzania’ hits #1 spot on SA’s Spotify chart


The international DJ’s mega hit ‘Tanzania’ recently shot to number 1 on the South African chart on Spotify.

DJ Uncle Waffles.

AMAPIANO DJ Uncle Waffles has become one of the most talked about DJs and for good reason.

Since becoming a viral sensation late last year, thanks to a video of her performing “Adiwele”, which caught the attention of international rapper Drake. Waffles’ star has never been brighter.

She went from being relatively unknown name to an overnight superstar, touring Africa and the UK, taking amapiano to the world.

Her most recent success includes topping the South African Top 200 Chart on Spotify with her track “Tanzania”, featuring Tony Duardo and Sino Msolo, which got 28 968 daily streams.

“Tanzania”, which dropped in March, has already received close to 2 million views on YouTube.

Waffles took to social media to show her gratitude. She wrote: “Crying 🥺❤️” to a fellow user’s tweet of acknowledgement.

Waffles fans can’t get enough of the “uMalume Wako” hitmaker, saying that they admire her talent and can’t wait for what she has in store next.

Anastatia Nkhuna wrote: “It has been so beautiful to watch her career grow, she is definitely following her destiny. Her imagery is iconic, professional, and her talent and skills speak for her – over her beauty at times. so proud of this girl. ❤️.”

While Siphosethu Rayi added: “Uncle Waffles is just getting warmed up. Every move she and her team make is meticulous and further fuels her career to new levels. Doubt her at your own peril.”

And OLaN420 from New Jersey said: “Just discovered this song through a bunch of short dance clips & I love it. African women are sooo beautiful😍.

“I don’t understand the lyrics, but the vibe I get when I listen to this is really chill. Keep dropping that heat🔥🔥🔥🔥 #SendingLoveFromThe609.”

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