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Uncle Waffles addresses ’trans’ rumour


Social media bullies have chosen amapiano DJ Uncle Waffles as their next victim, labelling her transgender.

Uncle Waffles. Picture: Instagram

AMAPIANO DJ Uncle Waffles is social media’s latest victim of cyberbullying.

Tweeps have labelled her a transgender woman due to the size of her breasts and a picture she posted on Instagram of herself posing with her dancers at Cotton Fest.

The rumours saw Uncle Waffles trend on Twitter with fans coming from all sides to defend her.

@onalenna_rsa wrote: “Y’all can’t possibly be bullying Uncle Waffles, a whole 2k kid for having small ti**ies, a bunch of grown people questioning a kid’s physique??

“Have a teaspoon of shame and go to bed please!!”

“You guys are being unnecessarily vile to that Uncle Waffles kid. She’s just a child making big big moves man, please let her be. Imagine being 21 and having to deal with Internet bullies, nxi,” said @Maqhawe_Ngubane.

@lerasanza wrote: “They only hate Uncle Waffles because her success is built right in front of their faces.

“What they don’t understand is that when God says it’s your time, it’s your time and nothing will stop that! Your hate for her will fuel her to greater heights, watch she is not done🤞🏾.”

After the commotion, the star took to her timeline to set the record straight.

In a thread she wrote: “Real question. What do these picture prove? Instead you’re trying to bring down people who have nothing to do with this.

“I now have to prove my gender based off of my physique and based off of a rumour? You guys are so weird.”

Waffles told tweeps that she has always been an “ally of the trans community”.

“You can’t always have something to say. I’m a proud ally of the trans community, always have been. Yall, without fail will always have something to say.”

“Let’s also remember that just cause someone is a public figure doesn’t make them your friend. Singajwayelani emasimba.”

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