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Three natural remedies for arthritis pain


There is no cure for arthritis, but if you support your body with the right foods and supplements, you can alleviate some of the pain so that it doesn’t become a hindrance in your daily life.

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ARTHRITIS affects more than 350 million people in the world. It is also a leading cause of disability and can affect mobility and interrupt people’s ability to perform simple daily tasks.

October 12 marked World Arthritis Day, which aims to raise awareness about rheumatic and musculoskeletal diseases. Although strides have been made in the search for suitable treatments, many continue to suffer from debilitating pain.

According to Catherine Clark, owner and founder of The Harvest Table, there are natural remedies which can help manage symptoms associated with arthritis.

“There is no cure for arthritis, but if you support your body with the right foods and supplements, you can alleviate some of the pain so that it doesn’t become a hindrance in your daily life,” she says.

Clark adds that arthritis can affect one’s energy levels, cause pain, and is a direct result of a loss of collagen in the bones. “The key is to find solutions that will help you feel less fatigued, while also managing pain and replenishing the collagen lost,” she says.

Clark offers three natural remedies to manage arthritis pain:

1. Anti-inflammatory foods: Arthritis fatigue is real, and according to the Arthritis Foundation, unchecked inflammation and pain largely contribute to your energy levels, along with certain medications that can cause drowsiness.

Boosting your energy starts with nourishing your body with the right foods, especially those with high anti-inflammatory properties that help your body’s repair process. This will not only alleviate pain but will reduce the inflammation in your body.

To effectively manage your arthritis, reduce the amounts of processed foods and saturated fats as these will only contribute to your symptoms. Instead, choose fresh fruits and vegetables, especially green vegetables and berries. Also include fish and nuts, which both contain high anti-inflammatory properties.

2. Slow and gentle movement: Movement is a critical part alleviating the symptoms of arthritis as it helps keep joints supple. Various low-impact movements can tackle flexibility, strength and support your joints to prevent injury.

Prolonged lack of movement can lead to chronic stiffness that results in joint immobility. Yoga reduces joint pain and also eases stress, tension and promotes better quality sleep.

3. Collagen-rich supplements: Collagen consists of protein building blocks, otherwise known as amino acids, which aid in cushioning our joints. When you have arthritis, this cushioning diminishes, which affects your cartilage and leads to your bones rubbing against each other. Supplements like Bone Broth and collagen granules help replenish the collagen content in your body.

Collagen granules can help reduce both osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis joint pain, improve flexibility, and help form new bone. Although all the collagen you ingest does not go straight to your bones, increasing your intake makes it readily available.

“Natural remedies are meant to support your body so that you can better manage pain and other symptoms associated with arthritis. The idea is to implement small and manageable changes that contribute to you feeling better and having the energy and ability to get through the day without pain getting in the way,” Clark says.

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