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The Sky is definitely not the limit for stripper who falls from pole, breaks jaw and carries on twerking …


Gravity is a great pull at Texas strip club.

Don’t ever say that strippers have it easy. In fact, after a video of a stripper falling from a 4.5m pole and breaking her jaw went viral, it should be deemed an occupational hazard.

The dancer who goes by the name Genea Sky showed her professional side while performing at a gentleman’s club in Texas. While clamouring up a 15-foot pole, it appears she lost her balance and comes tumbling down – smack bang onto the floor beneath her.

Amazingly, she manages to carry on dancing and even throws in some twerking moves. The extent of her injuries were only discovered after her set – including a broken jaw, broken teeth and a sprained ankle.

After footage of the nasty fall was posted to Twitter, many were worried about Sky’s recovery, which she had to undergo surgery for. Taking to Twitter, she thanked fans for their support.

Thank you everyone 🙏🏽💕pic.twitter.com/y2U8kPMdpT

— Honey Badger (@Genea_Sky)February 10, 2020

I wish I could individually respond to each person but my phone has been flooded all day. So thank you to EVERYONE who has reached out & continues to do so. Your guys’ kind words are so helpful and uplifting. I can’t say “thank you” enough 🥺

— Honey Badger (@Genea_Sky)February 10, 2020

It seems the accident did little from dissuading Sky from considering another career. As soon as she is all healed, it’s back to the pole for her.

I will be posting updates of my progress on here and my Instagram. And as soon as I’m healed and cleared to work again, I will be right back at XTC Cabaret in Dallas, TX putting on the same show 👏🏽

— Honey Badger (@Genea_Sky)February 10, 2020