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Technology trends that have made our healthcare easier


Technological advances in healthcare have made our lives simpler in uncertain ways.

The use of tech to empower us to make healthier decisions and improve our overall wellbeing continues to grow. Picture : Cottonbro/ Pexels

IMPROVED quality of service, provider efficiency, and patient convenience are only a few of the benefits that have come with healthcare developments.

We were sceptical at first. In part, the pandemic forced us to swiftly adapt to the digital world whether we wanted to or not. We can all agree that technological advances in healthcare have made our lives simpler in certain ways.

Now that we’re all accustomed to the technology buzz, here are some of the healthcare technology trends to look out for:


This involves video conferencing, streaming media, and phone calls, among other forms of virtual consultation. It is convenient because it can be done in the comfort of one’s own home. Also, for me, the less human interaction, the better.

Mobile apps to keep track of health

We love the convenience of health tracking apps, even though it’s still important to go to our monthly or annual check-ups. Mobile health tracking apps help us stay updated about our health. They vary from mental wellbeing, diagnostic tools, maternal care, medical calculators, and more.

Wearable tech

Wearable tech is no longer limited to just smart watches. Other advancements include:


A smart wearable bra insert that gives accurate early breast cancer detection.


Is a brand sensing headband that helps you refocus during the day and recover at night. It’s worn around the head and inserted into the ears while it plays relaxing meditation music.

Upright Pro

This monitor sticks to your back and tracks your spine’s movements. Intended to correct your posture and fight back pain, it vibrates when it detects slouching.

Digitisation of healthcare records

The digitisation of healthcare records decreases the risks of over medication, under medication, or missing diagnoses.