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‘Tattooed’ toddler’s mom will not stop posting images of her son covered in tattoos


‘The more y’all hate, the more I’m going to post Nugget.’

Treylin Armani. Picture: Instagram/nuggetworld561

WHETHER you like them or not, tattoos have become hugely popular.

From a tiny heart to a full sleeve, more and more people are getting inked.

While it might be a common sight, there are still folk who perceive being tattooed as an act of defiance, having bad character traits and socially unacceptable.

Taking all of this into consideration, one can well imagine and fully understand the reaction to images of her toddler covered in tattoos.

Especially if they look so real.

When mom Shameka Morris, from Florida, started posting pictures of her cute son, Treylin Armani, on Instagram showing his bare chest covered in tattoos – fake temporary tattoos, of course – the reactions were those of shock and disgust.

Baby Treylin has his own Instagram account, nuggetworld561, with more than 55k followers, which his mom runs.

Besides the rather disturbing full-body tattoos, the adorable little guy has more swag than most grown men. Dripping in gold accessories and kitted in bold printed baggy pants or shorts and button-down shirts, he looks more like a cool teen than a cute toddler.

All his clothes are custom made by his mom, who is a fashion designer and has her own label called Stitch by Shameka.

While mom Shameka obviously thinks baby Treylin is the coolest toddler on the block, she has come under severe criticism for how she’s dressing her son, but more specifically the tattoos she’s covering him with.

People are straight up calling her a bad mom. She told YOU that she gets a lot of backlash because people are not used to seeing a baby with tattoos. “They say I’m raising my son as a ‘gangster’ and ‘thug’.”

In one of her posts she had to come out and defend herself, saying: “I don’t care how anyone views my parenting skills. The more the world gets upset the more I will keep putting Nugget tattoos on him. He loves his temporary tattoos, so why not tatt him up?”

In response to all the rude comments, she posted: “If ANYONE think I’m going to let them come on my son page and be rude to ‘US’ think again because imma cus y’all a$$ tf out & BLOCK you as well.”

She first posted an image of him with his fake tattoos in September last year and hasn’t stopped since then. While some might think it’s for shock value, she has continued to do so.

On yet another Instagram account, nuggetworldtattoos, she said: “The more y’all hate the more I’m going to post Nugget this his 3rd Instagram TAKE NOTE”.

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