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Take a look: Colour blind make-up artist’s TikTok tutorials go viral for all the right reasons


She might not know the difference between silver or gold, but colour blind influencer Natasha Caudill shows how she has fun with make-up regardless.

Natasha Caudill. Picture: Instagram

LADIE love make-up.

We use it to enhance our features, cover up, create transformations or simply have fun.

From subtle earthy nudes to vivid colours ranging from pastel to bright, there are pretty much all the colours under the sun for any make-up lover to choose from.

However, colour blind beauty influencer Natasha Caudill, isn’t able to appreciate all the colours available.

Natasha Caudill. Picture: Instagram

Being colour blind means that she isn’t able to distinguish between certain colours. In particular between shades of red and green.

But this has not stopped the 24-year-old, from Chicago, from being creative with make-up and sharing her experiences as a person living with colour blindness.

@natashac44 color reveal at the end! did I even blend it enough 😭 #foryou #makeup #challenge #fyp #ootd #routine #foryoupage #color ♬ original sound – Natasha Caudill

Her TikTok account has a huge following of 1.2 million people and covers a wide range of topics, from home decor to clothes shopping.

“You don’t have to enjoy something the same way as everyone else to have fun with it,” says the influencer.

While she might not know the difference between gold and silver and that neon yellow looks white to her, she somehow manages to always look on point.

Over the years, she had to memorise what colours look like from how people have described them to her.

@natashac44 I’m going to post the color version because I really want to know how this looks!!! #foryou #fashion #ootd #dress #wedding #fyp #foryoupage #color ♬ original sound – Natasha Caudill

For example, she knows that most denim is blue and that everything goes with denim.

When it comes to make-up she uses the colour descriptions (labels) as a guide, as well as the light to dark tones as a guide to creating a look.

“I don’t have to see colour to have fun with make-up and clothing,” says Natasha.

When it comes to shopping for clothes she prefers patterns and sticks to buy either black or white shoes.

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